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The Ultimate Hospital Bag Packing Checklist

Final updated April 2019

I keep in mind being about 32 weeks pregnant and all of the conversation at work switched from, “How ya feeling?” to “Is your hospital bag packed yet?”.

You actually don’t need much to have a baby. Obtained your vagina? Packed!

Nevertheless, in the event you’re having a hospital delivery, there are some things to make your keep a bit of extra pleasant. Right here’s the record I got here up with to pack in your hospital bag, however be happy to let me know what you took, or are taking.

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag:

Printable version of hospital bag checklist


For Your Hospital Bag:

Items to pack in your hospital bagPillow:

Hospital pillows are concerning the thickness of a communion wafer – perhaps it’s so you’ll be able to’t smother somebody with them to get your inheritance early, dunno – so it’s all the time nice to have a pillow from residence. Not solely is extra snug, but your pillow type of smells like your mattress and that’s all the time comforting. Use a non-white pillowcase so it’s not confused with a hospital pillow that someone might stroll off with whenever you’re within the “loo trying to poo”.

Flip flops:

There’s an excellent probability you will have to stroll round sooner or later so a number of ladies take slippers. A good friend of mine advised me to take flip flops (or crocs) in my hospital bag as a result of you possibly can put on them in the shower and I can be ceaselessly grateful because the bathe in my hospital appeared like a scene out of Seven. My ft additionally swelled beyond the width of a slipper, so I was lucky to have the flip flops to accommodate the charming loaves of baked bread previously often known as my ft.


I wore them with my flip flops. I didn’t see any signal saying “Victoria Secret runway”, so Haters might suck it.

Sports activities bra or Nursing Bra:

You might or might not need this one nevertheless it’s nice to have if you want to include the submit delivery boobs. I was so obsessed with breastfeeding the first time round that a bra was the last thing on my thoughts, however bras are small enough that they will get tucked in a bag without taking over an excessive amount of area and if you need one, there isn’t a lot of a substitute, so you could as nicely take it, and even better, wear it whenever you go in.

PJs and robe:

Again, I didn’t put on my pajamas or robe because I wasn’t within the hospital very long, however it’s good to have a bit sliver of residence to make you are feeling that rather more human. There’s only so lengthy you possibly can walk round in a type of sheer sheets together with your ass hanging out earlier than you lose your mind.


Deliver one thing ratty that may be thrown out or burned later. You will have to put on some type of maxi pads to cope with lochia (a stunning time period, I do know.) so this isn’t the time to pack a thong. Maternity underwear might be your greatest guess to guarantee a snug match.

Maxi Pads:

Most hospitals will provide you with maxi pads to cope with the publish delivery bleeding, but I think they’re shipped by the crate with ACME printed on the aspect. They are often thick and type of diaper’ish so it’s nice to have something that has wings, propellers and whatever different leading edge know-how maxi pads hold arising with. That stated, hospital pads are free so load up on the thunder pads if they don’t hassle you.

Nursing pads:

This was originally on the “Don’t Bother” listing, but many ladies within the feedback stated that they did need them so tuck a couple of in your bag. They don’t take up much area and you may all the time use them as coasters should you don’t end up using them.


You possibly can never go flawed with a towel – they’re the multi-tools of a hospital keep. Use it to take a seat on for those who’re in labor on the best way to the hospital to spare your seats if your water breaks (a bit). Take it within the bathe with you during your stay. Cowl anything gross that you may have to lie on like a questionable pillow or couch arm. It’s all the time a great go-to merchandise to all the time have available.

Trash bag:

Don’t take this to the hospital however depart it in your automotive to take a seat on in case your water breaks before or on the best way to the hospital. Saves on detailing and isn’t a nasty factor to have in your glove field anyway.


Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, brush, contact lens answer and case, glasses, chapstick, hairband or hair tie, hand sanitizer, or anything you would take to stay in a single day somewhere. There are some gross moments that typically comes with delivery so don’t add chapped lips to them.

Lanolin or nipple cream:

Should you’re planning to breastfeed, throw some nipple cream in your hospital bag simply in case the street is somewhat rocky.


You may as well add makeup to the listing if that’s essential to you for photograph ops. I didn’t put on makeup as a result of I assumed it appeared petty and, “who the hell was I kidding?”, however now I wish I had because I appeared like dying in these first photographs – scorching, puffy, dying – so there are not any first photograph of me and every of my youngsters where I don’t look utterly awful.

Gum and Gatorade:

I don’t know what kind of desert air they pump via a hospital, nevertheless it’s dry. My hat goes off to you for those who work in one because I don’t understand how you don’t seem like a raisinette. I ate ice chips by the metric ton once I was in labor but the odd stick of gum and sip of gatorade actually hit the spot once I wasn’t allowed to eat. Gum can also be good on your spouse who might have been consuming a gallon of espresso just earlier than getting up in your face to say you’re doing an incredible job and to apply respiration workouts. Feelings might get harm in case you scream, “you breath smells like the ass of alley cat” within the heat of the second. Take gum.


In case you are in labor there is a good probability you’ll not be allowed to eat in case you could have surgery shortly, nevertheless, for those who’ve been given the inexperienced mild to nibble have a bit of one thing scrumptious available so you’re not caught with hospital apple sauce at 3am.

Trashy magazines:

Especially in the event you’re being induced, there’s typically plenty of hurry up and wait time. Take one thing mild so that you don’t need to assume too much and you may just thumb via. When it’s time to go residence, attempt to depart them as properly. It’s doubtful you’ll need to read them at house and the nurses or different sufferers might take pleasure in studying them too.

I.D. and Insurance coverage:

“I’m sorry, you want to know who I am and to pay for this birth?!”

Tech stuff:

In case you’re like me, you’ll have to take your cellphone (even in the event you’re not allowed to use it) to get everybody’s number if you wish to make a call. It’s also possible to play games and surf the online should you’re in a bit of a labor limbo. Pack your charger in your hospital bag, too.

Pen and telephone numbers:

Pens are all the time scarce and you, or your companion, are going to wish to fill out types. Telephone numbers are good to take so you’ll be able to maintain enjoying Indignant Birds while your husband goes off to call your hysterical sister to say, “the baby still isn’t here yet.”

Start Plan:

I’ve talked about delivery plans and the way my plan was “to have a baby”, nevertheless it’s never a nasty concept to have a basic plan of what you’d like to do (or not do) so everyone seems to be singing off the same music sheet.

Digital camera:

Someone, sooner or later, will need to see a photo of this kid so right here’s an excellent probability to seize a pair even if it’s in your telephone. Listed here are some cool images ideas on this submit and on one in every of my Pinterest boards too.

Going residence outfit:

Let me be really straight right here, you ain’t leaving the hospital sporting pre-baby clothes so don’t hassle packing them. Pack something clean and cozy and that’s it. Maxi gown. Yoga pants and a t-shirt. Nun Halloween costume. Doesn’t matter, just make sure that it’s cozy.

Huge Sister or Brother present:

If in case you have older youngsters, you may contemplate having a present that’s from the infant for them to open once they come to visit. They’re in all probability going to feel fairly displaced over the subsequent few months so it’s a nice solution to introduce them to the brand new addition to the household.

For the Child:Items to pack for your baby in your hospital bag


Most hospitals will provide you with a couple of however it’s a good suggestion to deliver your personal whether you’re going to make use of material or disposable. It’s not a nasty concept to convey measurement new child and measurement 1 as my 10lb baby never match the smaller measurement.


Once more, hospitals might or might not supply you with wipes so it’s a good suggestion to have them available.


I was all anti-soother till my son was born and my milk didn’t are available. Soothers are awesome and I’ll battle that reality to the demise. Take a couple of totally different sorts with you to see what matches the bill, though, I had one baby that beloved soothers and one that didn’t look after them so they are a bit of hit or miss. Again, sufficiently small to tuck in your hospital bag so take ’em along.

Scratch mittens:

My child wore scratch mittens in the hospital and that was it as a result of they stored falling off and he’d scratch both of us with their little talons so I ended up trimming his nails after and few days at residence (I wanted that I’d recognized about these ones again then.) Newborns have wafer-thin nails so wait till you’re slightly “with it” earlier than you trim their nails (whether with trimmers or by biting them) as there isn’t an enormous difference between the feeling of their nails and the sensation of their skin. There are many issues to feel guilty about with being a mom so let’s not add removing the tip of a finger to the listing within the first few days.


The hospital will typically offer you a hat, however take a bit one simply in case. Personally, I didn’t use hats much once I received house however individuals consider in hats on infants with an previous woman vengeance and a hat conflict was fairly low on my precedence record on the time so I simply rolled with it.

Receiving blanket:

Like a towel, receiving blankets can be used for quite a lot of things. Wrapping a baby up. Used as a nursing cowl should you’re not feeling snug with putting on a boob show but. Wiping little mouths, arms, ft. As a automotive seat cowl to block the sun if you depart the hospital. You possibly can’t go mistaken. I recommend an cheap tender one as they seem to be probably the most versatile at first – and aden+anais if somebody is feeling beneficiant.

Going house outfit:

Some individuals go all nuts with this (I did the primary time around) and dressed them like they’re greeting the queen. Should you aren’t sentimental about this, take a onesie or sleeper to take them house in. I didn’t factor within the inexperience of dressing a new child (less than a day after giving delivery) into the equation and it was a clumsy and unsightly experience for each of us. Maintain it easy and axe anything with buttons – zippers and snaps are the best way to go. Additionally ensure that the clip from the automotive seat can get between the child’s legs so skip the sleep sacks, and so forth.

Baby guide:

When you’ve got a baby souvenir ebook and a sort nurse that has time that will help you out, you could possibly rating some footprints from a seasoned professional that may get a very good impression for you.

Nursing pillow:

I wasn’t going so as to add a nursing pillow to the record because I personally assume house pillow trumps nursing pillow and also you don’t need to lease a U-haul to take all your crap to the hospital, but a whole lot of ladies listed this as a vital. Breastfeeding may be really tough for some individuals (me included) so each little bit helps. Even in case you don’t need to take it in for the initial check-in, you’ll be able to put it in the automotive and ship somebody down for it if you wish to use it.

Automotive seat:

I don’t assume there’s any hospital on the market that may allow you to depart the hospital with no automotive seat (I assume should you’re taking the bus house it’s one other story). So depart it within the automotive and convey it up as you’re packing up to depart. Right here’s a quiz that will help you discover the perfect automotive seat for you in case you need assistance too.

For Your Co-Pilot’s Hospital Bag:

The end of your pregnancy is approaching! Trying to figure out what to pack in that hospital bag? Here's a list of stuff other women have found really helpful when they gave birth in a hospital.

Toiletries & In a single day Stuff

Toothbrush, deodorant, underwear, pillow and blanket or sleeping bag: My pal thought she was going into labor and referred to as her husband at residence and informed him to pack a bag and meet her at the hospital. It was a false alarm however when he received there he had packed his hockey jersey, some toothpaste (no toothbrush) and a pair of her socks. I shit you not.

More than possible your spouse will have the ability to depart and care for themselves but when never hurts to take some emergency essentials just in case they unhinged within the flurry of start.

What to not take:


You will have to take it off and depart it unattended. Depart it at residence.

Baby Do-Dadery:

Manis and pedis together with hair brushing, bathing, and so on. can await residence so don’t hassle bringing issues like nail clippers, snot suckers, soother clips, and so on.

What concerning the employees?

Lastly, it’s all the time a pleasant gesture to go away a “thank you” for the hospital employees. Bonus factors if it’s small enough to slot in your hospital bag easily.

I brought a jar of Hershey kisses the first time and that went over rather well. My mother took in a basket of bananas, apples, granola bars, and different healthier snacks that didn’t must be refrigerated for the hospital employees that took care of my grandfather.

Nurses, particularly, do a number of gross shit for you when you’re in there so, even when it’s small, it’s good to say, “thank you for holding a bedpan while I vomited. I really appreciated that.”

I forgot the second time. I’m a dick, I know.

As with all things, what somebody finds essential, someone else will find frivolous, however this provides you an concept of all the issues chances are you’ll or might not have thought of.

Hope the listing helps and let me know what I missed.

The end of your pregnancy is approaching! Trying to figure out what to pack in that hospital bag? Here's an ultimate list of stuff other women have found really helpful when they gave birth in a hospital. #hospitalbirth #hospitalbag #laborbag #babyprepOur subsequent recos:

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