The best and most famous internet memes around

the best and most famous internet memes around image 1

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “meme” as “an image, video, piece of text, typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations.”

And should you’ve spent any time on Reddit or Buzzfeed you then’ll in all probability discover many who consider that is what the internet was made for.

Nicely, they are saying laughter is the best drugs so crack a smile at a number of the best, stupidest and most famous memes we have discovered from around the online.

StevenCrowderthe best and most famous internet memes around image 1

Change my thoughts

Within the early days of 2018, comic Steven Crowder posted a photograph of him sitting at a desk with an indication that learn “Male privilege is a myth, change my mind.”

His actions have been designed to spark debate outdoors a Texas College for his Podcast and Youtube channel. The outcomes have been fascinating. 

The photograph shortly turned a template for a lot of memes with individuals altering the phrases on the poster, but in addition Photoshopping another person behind the desk. The meme additionally proved extremely in style on the Subeddit /r/dankmemes.

Antonio GuillemThe Best Stupidest And Most Famous Internet Memes Around image 3

Distracted boyfriend

This meme is pretty uncommon in that it spawned from a inventory photograph. That picture was initially snapped by photographer Antonio Guillem who uploaded it to iStock in 2015. It wasn’t till two years later that the picture turned a well-liked meme. With easy captions added to the picture to characterize real-life issues individuals are distracted by. 

This meme continued to show well-liked within the months that adopted, to the purpose that close to the top of 2018 it was even banned from use in an advert by a recruitment firm displaying the lure of its presents versus viewers present jobs. 

Know Your MemeThe Best Stupidest And Most Famous Internet Memes Around image 2

Exit 12

A very easy meme that exhibits a automotive aggressively exiting the motorway at excessive velocity. This photograph is just tweaked by including a caption to the street signal which exhibits the writer’s choice between two decisions. Easy, efficient and ever-so-popular. 

Know Your MemeThe Best Stupidest And Most Famous Internet Memes Around image 4

Tide pods 

In 2017, for the sake of 10 seconds of fame, a disturbing development emerged the place individuals beginning recording movies of themselves consuming laundry detergent and importing the outcomes to YouTube. This development shortly resulted in an incredible swathe of various memes around the stupidity of doing so.

Fortuntely, the so-called “Tide Pod challenge” is not a factor. 

wallpapersafarithe best and most famous internet memes around image 2


Originating within the depths of 2010, this meme got here to life because of some superb pictures of Shiba Inus – a breed of tiny and agile Japanese canine with a quizzical face. Posted on a private weblog, the unique photographs appeared with one such canine named “Kabosu” casually lounging on a settee with a sideways look on the digital camera.

With the assistance of Reddit, “Doge” was then born. Photographs of the canine are Photoshopped into numerous poses and conditions, plastered with inner monologue quotes in Comedian Sans font and delivered to the internet for the world to take pleasure in. 

This common meme spawned a trademark declare, a satirical type of cryptocurrency (Dogecoin) and rather more in addition to.

Deviantartthe best and most famous internet memes around image 3

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat is a very irritable wanting pussy who goes by the actual identify “Tardar Sauce”. This meme once more took off because of Reddit, in late 2012 when unique photographs of Grumpy Cat have been posted on-line.

Numerous Photoshopped pics of Grumpy Cat appeared on-line with captions expressing his distaste for regardless of the matter occurred to be about.

Grumpy Cat proved so common that it spawned all types of spin-offs together with stuffed toys, books, t-shirts and even a espresso drink.

A sneak peek for our Twitter followers. Coming quickly. #grumpycat #Grumppuccino

— Grumpy Cat (@RealGrumpyCat) 28 July 2013The Vergethe best and most famous internet memes around image 4

Success child

Success child (also referred to as “I hate sandcastles”) turned common in around 2008 when a photograph of a smug child on the seashore was used throughout the online on social media, primarily as private profile pictures.

Later, the photograph was Photoshopped and became hundreds of various memes within the animal recommendation fashion or referencing his obvious hatred for sandcastles.

Success child goes by the actual identify Sammy Griner and has now aged a couple of years, however nonetheless appears simply as happy with himself in all of the current photographs we have seen. His fame additionally helped to efficiently pay for his father’s new kidney after a plea for funding for a transplant went on-line in the midst of 2016. So perhaps he’s profitable in any case!

Maggie Goldenbergerthe best and most famous internet memes around image 5

Ermahgerd woman

In 2012, a submit titled “Just a book owner’s smile…” was submitted to Reddit and, shortly after, the glory that’s Ermahgerd woman was born. That includes a younger woman, awash with nerdy pleasure and brandishing a trio of Goosebumps books, the photograph quickly turned synonymous with “oh my God” ranges of pleasure.

Some say the misspelling of “oh my God” as “ermahgerd” is supposed to characterize the problem that may come talking with teenage braces. Consequently, the textual content accompanying these memes is usually misspelt alongside the identical strains.

Ermahgerd spawned many spin-off memes within the type of numerous excited animals eying up treats and tasty morsels.

The woman within the unique photograph was ultimately discovered. Maggie Goldenberger was truly simply enjoying dress-up with associates when the snap was takenand discovered it hilarious a few years later when informed concerning the meme.

Huffington Submitthe best and most famous internet memes around image 6

The most fascinating man on the earth

In 2006, Jonathan Goldsmith appeared in a collection of promoting campaigns for Dos Equis beer during which he was pitched as “the most interesting man in the world”.

Throughout that marketing campaign his catchphrase was “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis…”. The marketing campaign took off and the ensuing meme was born – all utilizing the identical format “I don’t always…” and ending “…but when I do…”

Memegeneratorthe best and most famous internet memes around image 7

Video spin-offs popped up all over and Jonathan Goldsmith even appeared in a Reddit Ask Me Something.

IMGURthe best and most famous internet memes around image 8

Shut up and take my cash!

Animated science-fiction collection Futurama contains a down-on-his-luck supply boy Philip J. Fry who finds himself trapped someplace within the 31st Century after an unlucky incident with a cryogenic freezing machine.

In season six, an episode aired referred to as “Attack of the Killer App” through which the creators parodied Apple with the discharge of the brand new “eyePhone”. Fry rushes to buy one of many new units and interrupts the gross sales genius with the phrase, “Shut up and take my money!”

Fry’s phrases and a screengrab of him waving cash shortly turned a famous internet meme and a subreddit.

IMGURthe best and most famous internet memes around image 9

Many different nerdy memes additionally appeared alongside comparable strains and turned a easy expression of want for an invention, proposed concept or shopper product.

Splash Informationthe best and most famous internet memes around image 10

Unhappy Keanu

Keanu Reeves is one thing of an internet legend to the purpose that some have stated he is perhaps immortal. There’s even a Snopes web page devoted to dispelling (or implementing) a number of the myths.

So when he was snapped by paparazzi miserably snacking on a sandwich on a bench in NY city, “Sad Keanu” was born.

The photograph first turned a meme in 2010 when it appeared on Reddit and Inexperienced-ovale and from then on result in Keanu being Photoshopped, sandwich and all, into different photographs and settings the world over.

The meme acquired such consideration that the BBC even requested Keanu about it in an interview with him in 2011.

Know Your Meme/Meme Generatorthe best and most famous internet memes around image 11

Joseph Ducreux

Joseph Ducreux was an 18th Century French artist recognized for a peculiar fashion of portrait work. In 2009, his notably quirky self-portrait joined the world of internet memes when superimposed with rap lyrics.

The phrases typically featured on these memes embrace an archaic reinterpretation of the unique lyrics with an 18th Century spin. The first recorded model learn “Disregard Females, Acquire Currency” – a tackle Infamous B.I.G’s music Get Cash however has since seen many variations.

Be like Invoicethe best and most famous internet memes around image 12

Be like Invoice

Within the fantastic world of the online, keyboard warriors and discourteous individuals are rife. “Be like Bill” is aimed toward combatting that plague and trolls generally by sending a message of widespread sense via technique of a easy stick determine referred to as “Bill”.

In a collection of single body comedian strips, Invoice is put into totally different on a regular basis conditions with easy steerage on learn how to act – principally recommendations on how to not annoy different individuals in actual life and on-line.

Umadthe best and most famous internet memes around image 13

Ceiling Cat

Ceiling Cat is probably one of many earliest recognized internet memes courting again to 2003 when the unique photograph of a ginger cat peering by means of a gap within the ceiling was submitted to FunnyJunk.

The picture later turned a Photoshop meme and appeared in many various variations throughout the online. The most common and widespread model did not seem till 2006 when the photograph was given the wording “Ceiling Cat is watching you…”.

So in style was this meme that a mythology appeared around it which purported that Ceiling Cat was the LOLcat equal of God and his nemesis Basement Cat was akin to the satan.

Fast Meme/Meme Wowthe best and most famous internet memes around image 14

Good Man Greg

Good Man Greg is rumoured to have its roots within the murky depths of 4chan. This easy photograph of a cheerful chap is supposed to symbolise a sort and beneficiant human being who we might all be completely satisfied to name our pal.

The precise topic of the unique photograph is unknown and was a matter of some debate on Reddit in 2011. Nonetheless, Good Man Greg has been spreading his wonderful angle ever since.

Every day Dotthe best and most famous internet memes around image 15

Scumbag Steve

Scumbag Steve is the antithesis of Good Man Greg. He stands for all the things Greg doesn’t. He’s egocentric and does not care about your emotions or being well mannered.

The unique photograph of Scumbag Steve includes a younger man with a baseball cap on sideways standing in a doorway. The photograph appeared on Reddit in 2011 and shortly caught on as a well-liked meme. It typically options textual content portraying Steve as a nasty purchase who’d fortunately steal treatment from his grandparents or borrow cash and by no means pay individuals again.

The actual topic of the photograph is Blake Boston a rapper from the group “Beantown Mafia” who purports to not be a nasty man in any case. Although he is definitely making the most of his internet fame. 

Huffington Submitthe best and most famous internet memes around image 16

Donald Trump’s first order of enterprise

US President Donald Trump has been the topic of many a meme within the run as much as and nicely into his Presidency.

One in every of our (and the internet’s) favourites is the Photoshop meme that exhibits numerous drawings, doodles and pleasant scribbles on the open folder that in actuality displayed his signature on an government order from January 2017.

This all began on Reddit with the posting of a Dickbutt GIF.

Then numerous examples of the meme discovered their method onto Reddit and the joyful Twitter account that’s @TrumpDraws was additionally born.


— Trump Attracts (@TrumpDraws) 13 February 2017Fast Memethe best and most famous internet memes around image 17

That escalated shortly

A favorite meme for when issues get a bit loopy or uncontrolled on the internet, this meme comes from a memorable quote by Will Farrell when he performed character Ron Burgundy in 2004’s Anchorman.

This phrase was closely quoted throughout the online on message boards, social networks and in weblog remark techniques. The Anchorman movie has spawned numerous different memes because of its reputation, however that is maybe the most well-known.

Know Your Memethe best and most famous internet memes around image 18


Domo-kun is of Japanese origin and was initially a mascot for one of many main TV stations there. He was initially seen in sketches in 1998.

The character first appeared in meme type when two Domo-kuns have been photoshopped into a picture to seem like they have been chasing a kitten a related menace about God killing a kitten. 

That meme noticed many various iterations itself, then Domo-kun started making appearances in disaster-based photographs giving the impression that he was the reason for the distress.

Dave Roththe best and most famous internet memes around image 19

Catastrophe woman

In 2004, a photograph of a younger woman with a devilish smile in entrance of a burning home appeared on-line. It was picked up 4 years later by Buzzfeed and quickly obtained the eye of the internet with posts and re-posts all throughout the online.

Know Your Memethe best and most famous internet memes around image 20

Zoe’s face has since been doctored onto a mess of catastrophe scenes starting from WW2 to trendy sinkholes and pure disasters.

Good3dthe best and most famous internet memes around image 21

First World Issues

This meme takes a number of totally different varieties and typically makes use of quite a lot of pictures generally together with a lady crying with head in her arms, a tearful photograph of James Van Der Beek from 90’s TV Present Dawson’s Creek and extra.

The concept behind this one is the summing up of the (typically insignificant) frustrations of privileged peoples of the developed world. These memes are supposed to be delivered with a touch of tongue-in-cheek humour poking enjoyable at how trivial first world issues are.

Know Your Memethe best and most famous internet memes around image 22

I’ll discover you and I’ll kill you

From the Liam Neeson movie “Taken” comes a meme based mostly on his character’s memorable quote paraphrased to “I will find you and I will kill you.”

The meme is used to point out annoyance with irritating conditions in on a regular basis life, typically in an identical approach to the First World Issues meme.

Youtubethe best and most famous internet memes around image 23

One doesn’t merely stroll into Mordor

Courting again to 2001, this meme originates from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and options Boromir (performed by Sean Bean) explaining how “One does not simply walk into Mordor” to throw the ring into the fires of Mount Doom.

The meme contains a image of Sean Bean and is usually used to precise the problem of doing one thing notably arduous. The meme proved so common that it even appeared as an Easter egg on Google Maps.

HBOthe best and most famous internet memes around image 24

Winter is coming

Sean Bean has confirmed widespread within the meme world, a lot in order that he made one other look because of his character Ned Stark from Recreation of Thrones.

Know Your Memethe best and most famous internet memes around image 25

Right here the character’s quote “brace yourselves, winter is coming” has been utilized in numerous methods to humorously predict the inflow of internet posts a few particular occasion or product. The basic instance being a rise within the variety of individuals complaining about modifications to their Fb newsfeed.

Moddbthe best and most famous internet memes around image 26

What if I advised you/Matrix Morpheus

This meme is a paraphrasing of a scene from the Matrix. Within the movie, the character Morpheus (performed by Laurence Fishburne) is explaining to the primary character Neo (Keanu Reeves) that he exists inside a pc simulation. He poses a selection between two drugs to seek out out the reality or to hold on dwelling in blissful ignorance.

Like many different memes, this one apparently first appeared on Reddit and has since been used to point out a revelation a few specific behaviour.

Meme Generatorthe best and most famous internet memes around image 27


Philosoraptor is an uncommon one within the meme world because it happened after the creation and copyrighting of a design for a brand new t-shirt.

Nevertheless, which will nicely have had some inspiration from the online too as in 2007 a Photoshopped picture was posted to 4Chan of a Velociraptor from Jurrassic Park holding a ebook by Plato.

Since then, the Philosoraptor t-shirt picture has been the topic of many memes and is just accompanied by numerous philosophical questions that an clever dinosaur may ponder.

Examples embrace “is a key still a key if there is no lock?” and “is a fly without wings called a walk?”

Youtubethe best and most famous internet memes around image 28

Dangerous luck Brian

This meme encompasses a younger lad with braces sporting a tartan vest and a cheeky smile. It initially appeared on Reddit in 2012 and was used with an accompanying caption to explain numerous embarrassing circumstances.

The photograph was later revealed to be of Kyle Craven who rose to some degree of internet fame after revealing himself in a Reddit AMA. Kyle additionally has a declare to fame after being noticed (and recognised) by Seth Rogan when out in public.

By all accounts, he is not as down on his luck because the internet would have you ever consider.

Know Your Memethe best and most famous internet memes around image 29

Strolling Lifeless “Carl!”

The Strolling Lifeless is a highly regarded, typically controversial TV present about zombies. Additionally fashionable is poking enjoyable on the means the present’s character Rick Grimes pronounces his son’s identify “Carl”.

He stated/shouted and referred to as it so much in the course of the numerous seasons:

And is usually heard mispronouncing it as “Coral”.

In addition to this, the scene the place Rick found his spouse was lifeless additionally reached the internet in meme type however this time as a comic book strip for poor dad jokes.  

Memefulthe best and most famous internet memes around image 30

That’d be nice

From the 1999 basic “Office Space” comes a meme derived from Gary Cole’s character Invoice Lumbergh. His sole objective in life appears to be getting individuals to complete paperwork and work additional hours over the weekend.

The meme is impressed by this scene the place Peter tries to duck out of the workplace on Friday however is caught on the final second by Invoice who asks him to return in on Saturday.

That is phrase is then became a meme the place one thing horrible is requested adopted by a non-confrontational “that’d be great”.

Meme Generatorthe best and most famous internet memes around image 31

Drunk child

What’s funnier than a child consuming beer? An intoxicated toddler spouting drunken knowledge that is what. And that is how this meme was born when a photograph of a kid sitting subsequent to a pint was uploaded to Reddit in 2012.

This easy meme gained reputation on 9gag, Fb and extra with quite a lot of totally different captions being added to the unique photograph.

Picture Flipthe best and most famous internet memes around image 32

Ain’t no one received time for that

In 2012, Kimberly Wilkins (aka Candy Brown) was interviewed by an area information station in Oklahoma Metropolis after being evacuated from an house constructing that was on hearth.

Her quote completed:

“….I said ‘Oh Lord Jesus, it’s a fire’, then I ran out, I didn’t grab no shoes or nothin’ Jesus! I ran for my life. Then the smoke got me. I got bronchitis. Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Which made hilarious waves on the internet, particularly when autotuned:

Within the meantime, the right meme was created and might simply be used for something taxing that you simply won’t have time for.

Risasinmasthe best and most famous internet memes around image 33

The Indestructible Nokia 3310

The basic Nokia 3310 cell phone has developed considerably of a legendary standing through the years. Initially launched in 2000, this telephone was a brute of a tool; hard-wearing and long-lasting in comparison with immediately’s fragile telephones.

Know Your Memethe best and most famous internet memes around image 34

The end result has been many an amusing meme purporting the 3310 to be indestructible with close to God-like qualities.

Know Your Memethe best and most famous internet memes around image 36

Strutting Leo

In 2010, Leonardo DiCaprio was caught on digital camera merrily strutting around the set for blockbuster hit Inception.

The picture of DiCaprio was promptly cut-out and put on-line as an exploitable template on a clear background which meant that anybody might have their means with it and thus, Strutting Leo was born.

Know Your Meme on the moonthe best and most famous internet memes around image 35

The cut-out photograph then discovered its means into quite a lot of totally different scenes together with one among Leo strutting his means casually into Mordor and throughout the moon.

IMGURthe best and most famous internet memes around image 37


The basic facepalm is a well known image for dismay at somebody’s silly actions – particularly the place a lapse in judgement or widespread sense may apply.

The most widespread utilization of this meme options a picture of Patrick Stewart enjoying Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek together with his head in his arms in response to occasions unfolding on the bridge of the Enterprise.

Meme Centrethe best and most famous internet memes around image 38

There have been many different situations since, together with the enjoyment of double facepalms and this excellent collage.

Meme Generatorthe best and most famous internet memes around image 39

Yo dawg

This basic meme was impressed by American TV present Pimp My Journey. In it, host Xzibit and his workforce improved individuals’s cars, often by including one thing they appreciated into the car so they might expertise it whereas out and about. And thus the meme was born.

This meme follows a easy method the place X and Y are changed with the related material:

“Yo dawg, I herd you like X, so I put an X in your Y so you can VERB while you VERB”

This easy but efficient humour lent itself to hundreds of memes throughout the years, with Xzibit’s smiling face fortunately photoshopped into related photographs.

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