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TANGLED UP IN YOU by Samantha Chase -Review, Excerpt & Giveaway Tour

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Launch Date April 30, 2019

They’ll change one another’s fate…

One fateful night time Bobby Hannigan sustains a gunshot wound that would finish his profession as a police officer. If that’s taken from him, he doesn’t know what he’ll do. The only ray of hope is Teagan Shaughnessy—a sort hearted single mom who understands his struggles…

Teagan and her young son have just moved again to the Carolina coast to be close to household. When she meets Bobby, the timing feels improper, but every little thing else feels oh-so-right. Bobby and Teagan every had plans for their own futures. However they’re discovering that these plans are meaningless if they will’t be together.


REVIEW: TANGLED UP IN YOU is the seventh instalment in Samantha Chase’s modern, adult THE SHAUGHNESSY BROTHERS romance collection focusing on a decent knit group of household and pals on the Carolina coast. This is thirty-six yr previous, police officer Bobby Hannigan, and twenty-seven yr previous, social worker/steerage counselor Teagan Shaughnessy’s story line. TANGLED UP IN YOU may be read as a stand alone without any problem. Any essential info from the previous story strains is revealed the place crucial.

Informed from twin third individual perspectives (Teagan and Bobby) TANGLED UP IN YOU follows the acrimonious relationship between thirty-six yr previous, police officer Bobby Hannigan, and twenty-seven yr previous, social worker/steerage counsellor, single mother Teagan Shaughnessy. A number of weeks earlier police officer Bobby Hannigan turned a statistic, whereas off-duty, when he was shot in hold-up gone horribly fallacious. Fast forward to current, wherein Bobby, impatiently on the mend, and feeling sorry for himself, reluctantly attends a family picnic where he’ll come nose to nose together with his future. Enter Teagan Shaughnessy, Quinn Shaughnessy’s cousin, and the lady with whom Bobby will fall in love. What ensues is the forwards and backwards, petulant relationship between Bobby and Teagan, and the potential fall-out as Teagan is unable to return to terms with Bobby’s career and his past.

Teagan Shaughnessy is a single mom who misplaced the love of her life years earlier than. Assembly Bobby Hannigan stirred one thing long thought buried and lifeless, but something Teagan struggled to release and let go. As a single mother Teagan’s first priority is the elevating of her son, and falling in love was by no means on the agenda. Bobby Hannigan struggles with the sluggish therapeutic strategy of his injured left shoulder, an damage that would finish his profession as a police officer in Myrtle Seashore, South Carolina. Battling his family, his angle and his emotions for Teagan push Bobby’s endurance on multiple event.

The connection between Teagan and Bobby is considered one of speedy attraction however Bobby isn’t in an excellent place; anguishing over his uncertain future finds Bobby not sure of who he is and what he needs. Teagan endeavors to be the right mother but typically motherhood is troublesome, and in this Teagan has issues of belief, in terms of her future, and that of her son’s. The $ex scenes fade to black or are principally implied.

There’s a giant ensemble forged of colourful and energetic secondary and supporting characters together with Teagan’s cousin Quinn, and his wife Anna, Bobby’s sister. The fracture household dynamics between Bobby and Quinn plays closely on Bobby and Teagan’s rising relationship.

TANGLED UP IN YOU is a story of household, friendship, uncertainty and trust. The forwards and backwards, yin and yang, tumultuous relationship between Teagan and Bobby is oft occasions disheartening and fuelled my nervousness. Teagan and Bobby had to be some of the irritating couples with a curler coaster of emotions, give and take, want and wish. Misunderstanding, miscommunication, issues of belief, and uncertainty continued to gasoline a relationship that was already battling distance and time. The premise is partaking; the romance is filled with ups and downs; the characters are energetic but their angle and behavior left me discouraged.

I will add that I look like in the minority with my tackle our story line couple. On no account does the character’s actions mirror poorly upon the writer’s potential to write down but impacts on my general enjoyment of the story line romance.

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Copy provided by Netgalley.

Reviewed by Sandy

That was their pattern for the subsequent hour. Sometimes Bobby would hit the ball and let Lucas attempt to catch it, however after each ball Lucas would ask if he could possibly be the batter once more. Slightly than push, he figured it wasn’t an enormous deal to let him get snug with one talent at a time. Perhaps subsequent time they’d work on enjoying catch.
Next time? Was he significantly standing right here considering of when he might hang around and play ball again? Positive, he wasn’t opposed to it and he actually was having a good time, plus he really needed to get to know Teagan better…
No, he wasn’t going to make use of Lucas in an try and win over Teagan. It was improper on so many ranges. What he actually needed was to discover a option to see her again in a bit of a special setting—one that didn’t involve an enormous household gathering or babysitting. That shouldn’t be too exhausting, proper? Perhaps if he might simply—
The subsequent thing he knew, one thing hit him arduous, his eye was stinging like it was on hearth, and he was stumbling again.
“Oh my God!”
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”
Eyes slammed shut, Bobby bent on the waist as he hissed out a breath. It didn’t take lengthy to comprehend Lucas was on one aspect of him and Teagan on the opposite.
When had she gotten back?
His eye stung like a…properly, he needed to let unfastened a string of curses, but was aware of the five-year-old beside him. Little question if Bobby might get it together, he’d see Lucas’s massive brown eyes wanting scared.
Pull it collectively, Hannigan, he chided himself. You have been shot, for crying out loud. This was a plastic ball to the attention! Man up!
Slowly, he straightened and let loose an extended breath, forcing himself to open his eye—which was now tearing up wildly.
Teagan stepped in front of him and cupped his cheek in her hand whereas she checked out his eye. “We’re going to have to put ice on that. Come on.” She took him gently by the hand and led him back to the house. Lucas grabbed his other hand and Bobby had to struggle the urge to tug away from them both as a result of they have been treating him like an invalid.
Or perhaps he was simply appearing like one.
They stepped by means of the back door and into the kitchen. Bobby sat down on one of many bar stools while Teagan ready an ice pack. Between the ache and the tearing, his imaginative and prescient was slightly blurred, but not enough that he couldn’t tell that the lady fussing over him had acquired a bit of a makeover. She had totally different makeup on, her nails have been painted a daring, shiny pink, and her hair was filled with curls that seemed like that they had been kissed by the solar. He knew enough about ladies to know find out how to praise a very good haircut and highlights, but this was the primary time he’d been surprised speechless by the sight of them.
She seemed younger and extra carefree than he’d seen her before.
Except now she was frowning at him.
“Here,” she stated softly, lifting the ice pack over his eye. “Hold this on there for a few minutes. Can I get you something for the pain?”
“No. I’m fine, really. It looks worse than it feels.”
Regardless that it felt fairly painful, he needed to keep in mind that he’d been hit by a plastic ball, not another bullet.
“It’s my fault, Mom,” Lucas stated, his small voice coming from the stool beside Bobby. “I hit the ball before he asked if I was ready.” Bobby might hear the tremor in his voice and had a feeling the child was going to start out crying any minute.
Resting one arm on the counter, Bobby turned and mussed up Lucas’s hair. “It wasn’t your fault, Lucas. I wasn’t paying attention. You’ve got nothing to be upset about, okay?”
Lucas’s eyes went extensive. “But—but you got hurt and—”
“And that’s what happens when you don’t pay attention,” Bobby stated firmly however gently. “It’s an important lesson to remember when you’re playing sports. You always need to be paying attention or you could get hurt.” Then he pointed to his eye and gave a lopsided grin. “Just like this.”
Lucas studied him and then checked out his mother before turning his attention again to Bobby. “So…you’re not mad at me?”
Bobby shook his head. “Nope.”
“And maybe you still want to play ball with me?”
“Any time,” he stated with a nod.
“Like right now?”
“Lucas,” Teagan shortly interrupted. “I think Bobby needs to rest for a little while. Why don’t you go and read for a bit, okay?”
“But Mom—”
Earlier than Teagan might respond, Bobby leaned near Lucas and whispered, loud enough for her to hear, “This is another important lesson to remember—don’t argue with your mom.”
“Oooh,” Lucas stated, dragging out the phrase. “Okay.” Then he hopped down and ran to his room.
Once they have been alone, Bobby discovered Teagan taking a look at him. For the lifetime of him, he wasn’t positive what he was imagined to say. Should he apologize for interrupting her when she was talking to her son? Or perhaps apologize for educating the kid easy methods to hit a ball? Her expression was delicate and a bit unreadable, and it made him really feel type of uncomfortable.
“Teagan, listen. I know I should have—”
She held up a hand to stop him. “Can I just say something first?” she asked gently, glancing over her shoulder at the door to Lucas’s room.
He nodded.
“You handled that very well and I appreciate it. And while I hate that you ended up getting hurt, I’m very thankful you didn’t take it out on Lucas.”
Putting the ice pack on the counter, he looked at her like she was loopy. Had another person accomplished that to the child? Had his father been abusive? Was that why they have been prepared to move so distant from him? Then one other thought hit him—had this unknown, unnamed man been abusive to Teagan, as nicely?
Swallowing the fad he was feeling, Bobby took a minute to collect his ideas. “First of all, I meant what I said. I was the one at fault, not Lucas. And yeah, it stung like son of a—” He stopped when he saw that Lucas’s bedroom door was open. “Anyway, it hurt. But there was no reason to get mad at anyone except myself.”
Teagan laughed and gently touched the pores and skin proper underneath his eye. “I don’t think there’s any permanent damage, but you’ll probably have at least a bit of a bruise there. Sorry.”
Unable to assist himself, Bobby captured her wrist to maintain her hand on his cheek. He heard her smooth gasp, saw the stunned look on her face.
He had so many questions that he was dying to ask—about her life, about Lucas’s father—however he couldn’t make himself type the words. Now wasn’t the time. His gaze lingered on her face. “Your spa day agreed with you. You look beautiful.” And even that felt awkward popping out of his mouth. Normally, he might sweet-talk his approach around any woman. He was good at it. But right now with Teagan, he felt like a young person round his first crush.
She blushed. “Thank you.”
He swallowed. “It’s true. Not that you didn’t look beautiful before,” he shortly corrected. “But right now, you just look…amazing.”
He virtually groaned at how lame he sounded.
Slowly, Teagan pulled her hand from his and took a step back. “You, um, you should really keep the ice on your eye for a little longer.”

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Samantha ChaseNew York Occasions and USA Immediately Bestseller/modern romance writer Samantha Chase released her debut novel, Jordan’s Return, in November 2011. Though she waited till she was in her 40’s to publish for the primary time, writing has been a lifelong passion. Her motivation to take that step was her college students: educating artistic writing to elementary age students all the best way up via high school and encouraging these college students to comply with their writing goals gave Samantha the arrogance to take that step as nicely.

When she’s not engaged on a new story, she spends her time studying modern romances, enjoying means too many video games of Scrabble or Solitaire on Fb and spending time together with her husband of 25 years and their two sons in North Carolina.

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