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Love Without Limits #1
by Frankie Love & CM Seabrook
Release Date: Might 30, 2019
Style: adult, modern, erotic, romance / / / /

My life within the highlands is straightforward – and that’s how I like it.
But when a wee bairn is dropped off on my doorstep, issues get difficult.
My sister’s baby needs looking after, but I have my fields and sheep that maintain me busy.
When an American nanny moves in, it appears my problems are solved.
Besides Elsie’s making my life more tangled than the infant is.
She’s every little thing I’m not and precisely what I want.
And I gained’t be comfortable until she’s holding this Highlander’s sword.
They say first comes love, then comes marriage – however we’re beginning off with a child carriage.


REVIEW: *Bowing right down to the good minds of Frankie Love and C.M Seabrook, I charge my kindle at your ft* Women you’re so superb collectively and I am so happy with this new collection.

You already know those books that hold you up at night time? You already know what I am speaking about women *Wink wink* Nicely this is one among them. Though this story is brief, it is a great ebook that kicks off the collection so properly, when reading you simply want the subsequent page extra and more.

The new collection kicks off with a visit to Scotland and our very own highlander. Kier is a highland Scotsman, tasked with taking good care of his just lately handed sisters youngster. The large brooding man knows nothing of taking good care of a child and does the one thing he can consider.

Hiring a nanny.

Elsie, a young lady from America entered the highlands with fantasies of her very personal highlander, like those she sees on the covers of books. She has no concept what awaits her, after a disastrous set of events attending to the house, Elsie is thrown when she is insistently interested in her new boss.

Little does she know that he holds a secret, a secret she MORE than prepared to do something to seek out out,

Frankie Love and C.M Seabrook are just like the dynamic duo, once they get collectively the peer into the minds of their readers and boy oh boy do they by no means disappoint. This can be a scorching and steamy learn that I just couldn’t move up.

Copy provided for evaluate

Reviewed by Sarah L

Love Without Limits #2
by Frankie Love & CM Seabrook
Launch Date: June 6, 2019
Genre: adult, modern, erotic, romance / / / /

ABOUT THE BOOK: Launch Date June 6, 2019

I’m a single father and my darling six-year-old is the epitome of handful.
However the moment our new nanny sweeps into our lives, every little thing modifications.
Dina’s greater than a Portuguese bomb-shell.
She has a young heart, a method with words, and makes my grey London life instantly seem vibrant.
She’s young and innocent.
I’m a widower and an earl.
I’ve baggage that I can’t ask her to carry.
However when she’s in my arms, I need to sweep her off her ft.


REVIEW: Yet again these writing Goddesses take us for a tremendous journey of affection at first sight, steamy moments and hotties you simply can’t beat!

The second within the Love Without Limits collection, are you ready readers? We’re off to England!

Welcome to the world of Earl Callum Wharton, widower and single father to the ever spoiled Amelia. Callum, has employed yet one more nanny for his daughter. This stated daughter has gone by means of more nannies than he can even rely, however he needs the assistance for the summer time. Nevertheless, I don’t assume he was prepared for what was to return.

Dina Pacheco, a American lady from Seattle with a diploma in culinary not youngster rearing, what does she know of being a nanny?

When Dina took the job as a nanny to an Earl she was very a lot unprepared for the instant sweltering scorching attraction she shares together with her new boss. Callum is nothing she thought the can be, a gentleman, sort, giving and a tremendous father to little Amelia.

When passions ignite, Dina is requested to a magical ball the place she feels like the Portuguese model of Cinderellla, however what occurs when the clock hits midnight? Will she understand she does indeed belong with this household? Or will her fears scar her away?

The Dirty Brit is a steamy brief story that’s really pleasurably, Frankie Love and C.M Seabrook have hooked me as soon as once more to their star. I cannot watch for the nest!

Copy provided for assessment

Reviewed by Sarah L


“I don’t want a new nanny.” Amelia stomps her foot and pouts up at me. My daughter might solely be six years previous, but she’s already mastered the artwork of manipulation. Even understanding that I still have a hard time saying no to her.
Nevertheless, the nanny is non-negotiable. I could also be an earl, and maintain a seat on the Queen’s council, however I still need to work.
“Why can’t you stay home, Daddy?” She stares up at me with those massive blue eyes, and I virtually give in to her demand.
I know I’ve spoiled her, but after her mom passed away when she was somewhat over a yr previous, I’ve felt the necessity to make the loss up to her. Not that I might management Margaret’s passing. I only had three months together with her after she was recognized with a uncommon type of lymphoma.
We’d married younger, for convenience, but I did love her. And she or he gave me probably the most particular present of all-Amelia.
My daughter might have inherited my spouse’s blonde hair and freckles, but the youngster has acquired my very own stubbornness, which is the rationale we’ve gone via over twenty nannies up to now 5 years. And after the unlucky occasions that occurred with the final one, I had to undergo a new company out of the US.
The lady’s qualifications are a far cry from the British nannies who’ve been in my employ, however I’ve run out of options.
“I’ve told you, darling,” I say, crouching to Amelia’s degree. “If I don’t work, I can’t afford to buy you all the pretty little things you like.”
“I don’t care.” She wraps her arms round my neck and squeezes tight. “I don’t want you to go.”
I sigh, and stand, Amelia nonetheless wrapped around me like a spider monkey. “What am I going to do with you, hmm?”
She pulls back. “Take me to the lake, Daddy. We can build a sandcastle as tall as Big Ben.”
I chuckle. “That would be quite a feat.”
“Please, Daddy. We haven’t gone to the lake in so long.”
“I’ll look at my schedule and see if we can schedule a day.” By means of the window, I see the automotive pull up to the front of the home, and my driver, Harold, get out. “I think she’s here.” I place Amelia’s ft back on the ground. “I’ll make a deal, you be on your best behavior and I’ll see about the beach day.”
She scrunches her nostril at me.
“You promise?”
“I do.”
With a sigh, she nods, then takes my hand and we stroll to the front door to greet the brand new nanny. Before we get there, Amelia exclaims. “I have to use the potty, Daddy.”
I frown. I know this recreation. Amelia makes use of the toilet as a method to avoid conditions. For a six-year-old, she’s much too sensible for her own good. “Alright, but be quick. And wash your hands.”
Amelia scurries upstairs to the second-floor rest room and I flip to tug open the front door. I do not know what to anticipate, and my hopes aren’t high. I really like my little woman, however the last thing I want this summer time is to wrestle with discovering childcare. There’s enough on my plate with work and being a single father.
The agency forwarded me the lady’s resume, so I know that her identify is Dina Pacheco and that she’s from Seattle, and has a diploma from a culinary faculty. I’m unsure how that makes her qualified for this line of labor, but the lady I’d spoken to on the company had insisted she was the only option.
Yet when Harold opens the again door of the city automotive, I’m wondering if he didn’t decide up the mistaken lady on the airport. She isn’t in a white apron and black gown, like the rest of the nannies I’ve employed, that’s for positive.
Her outfit is more colourful than the peacocks that my aunt Martha retains at her winery. She’s sporting a vibrant, floral kimono over distressed jeans-the sort you see individuals sporting and marvel did they actually purchase them like that on objective? Gaping holes at the knee and thighs … displaying off a good bit of skin. It’s the colour of shimmering sand and it makes me marvel if Amelia’s concept of spending the day at the seashore isn’t somewhat good in any case.
She wears impractical wedge heels in pink and there’s a leopard print tote bag on her shoulder that’s almost as massive as she is. She’s petite, all curves and colour, and my cock, which hasn’t proven curiosity in anybody in a long time, immediately hardens.
Her long, wavy dark hair has hidden her face from me, however when she brushes it back, I’m not ready for the eyes that look back at me. They’re darkish, a rich chocolate brown. Nevertheless it’s not the color that provides me pause, it’s the best way I swear I can see into the lady’s very soul. They’re crammed with as much brightness, and life, as her outfit.
And then she smiles. She has two deep dimples in each of her cheeks, and regardless that it’s a typical drab day in London, the sun appears to return out.
Her gaze rests on mine for a second, and I see that smile falter barely.
“I’m Dina Pacheco. Are you Callum Wharton?” she asks, her voice as mild and breezy as her smile.
“Uh, yes. Yes, I am. Callum is fine,” I say, making an attempt to string together words. One take a look at her and I’m caught off stability. A factor that not often, if ever, happens to me. I’m an earl, for Christ’s sake, not a schoolboy with a crush. I can definitely converse to this unique creature.
Besides apparently not. As a result of I’m flustered in a approach I’ve never been in my life.
“So…can I come in?” She lifts her shoulders as she asks the question and I understand it’s time to get out of the best way and let her inside.
“Of course, right this way,” I say as Harold brings in her luggage. “The flight was acceptable, I presume?”
She smiles, a small snigger enjoying on her lips. “I suppose it was acceptable.”
“Suppose?” I’m shocked and she should notice. Her hand falls to my arm as she laughs apologetically. “I’m just teasing, Callum. You hired a private jet for me. I don’t think I’ve ever been treated so well. So thank you, I mean it.”
I can loosen up then, realizing I haven’t upset her and earlier than I can say anymore, Amelia is bounding down the steps, her eyes broad.
“She looks like a flower!” my daughter exclaims with the same pleasure in her voice as she had once I took her to Disney Paris over Christmas to satisfy the princesses.
“You must be Amelia,” Dina says without lacking a beat. She crouches to my daughter’s degree and holds her hand out.
“I’m Dina.”
Amelia purses her lips, and I give her hand a small squeeze.
“Manners,” I remind her.
“My other nannies wanted me to call them by their last names.”
“I prefer you call me Dina, but if you want, you can call me Miss Pacheco.”
“That’s a funny name.”
“Amelia,” I warn.
“It’s Portuguese,” Dina says, unfazed by her rudeness. “But I’m from the United States. A city called Seattle.”
“Is that why you speak funny?” She laughs.
“I suppose I do. Maybe you can teach me how to speak proper English,” she says the final two phrases in a terrible British accent, and I can’t help however smile. “And I’ll teach you how to make the perfect chocolate cake.”
Amelia’s face brightens. “I love cake.”
These dimples appear again. “I’ll tell you a secret, so do I.”
They smile at each other, and I’m slightly shell shocked at how shortly this lady has charmed my daughter.
“Can I tell you another secret?” Dina says to Amelia. “I was on a plane for ten hours, and I’m really tired. Do you know it’s nighttime where I live right now?”
Amelia frowns. “But the sun is out.”
“Not in Seattle. If you have a globe, I’ll show you. And then maybe you can show me to my room.”
On her personal, Amelia reaches for Dina’s hand. “Come on. And I’ll show you my room too. I’ve got hundreds of dolls. But I want one that has a shirt like yours.”
Dina chuckles as she follows my daughter inside, and I’m left there standing like a idiot with my mouth open, questioning what the bloody hell simply occurred.
“She’s a different one,” Henry, my butler, says, putting the final of her luggage on the steps, that are just as brilliant and colorful as her character.
“That she is,” I say, realizing it’s not Amelia I’m apprehensive about.
It’s myself.

Frankie Love: writes filthy-sweet stories about dangerous boys and mountain men. As a thirty-something mother to six who is ridiculously in love together with her personal bearded hottie, she believes in love-at-first-sight and happily-ever-afters. She additionally believes within the energy of a quickie.

❤️ Get able to fall in love … you deserve it! ❤️

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CM Seabrook: When she isn’t studying or writing attractive tales, she’s almost certainly spending time together with her household, cooking, singing, or racing between soccer, hockey and karate practices. She’s dwelling her own fortunately ever after together with her husband of fifteen years and their two daughters.

She loves creating new thrilling characters – from attractive, dangerous boy alphas, to the passionate, fiery ladies who love them.

Canadian born and bred, she began life in Edmonton, Alberta, and now resides in London, Ontario. She attended Western University the place she graduated with an Honors diploma in Anthropology.

Her guilty pleasures embrace pink wine, pasta, binge watching Starz originals, and hanging out together with her rescue pup, Jaxx.

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