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ABOUT THE BOOK: Launch Date April 30, 2019

A style of heaven might drag him to hell…

Wounded, with a goal still on his back, Kieren Moonring has been hiding in the final place his Morgon enemies may find him. In the human convent on the southern shores of Primus, his body heals shortly, but his soul is damaged.

Whereas Sister Liana tends to the recovering Morgon man hiding of their convent, she will’t stop or disguise her rising attraction. What disturbs her more is that he begins to uncover her past that is greatest stored buried.

Kieren fears his previous enemies will discover him, and then Liana. When his biggest worry comes true and she or he becomes their next mark…bloody hell, if he gained’t murder the entire world to maintain her protected.


Sandy’s REVIEW:

DRAGON FIRE is the third instalment in Juliette Cross’ superb adult VALE OF STARS paranormal, fantasy collection specializing in a dragon hybrid species referred to as the Morgons. This is Morgon Kieren Moonring, and Sister Liana’s story line. DRAGON FIRE could be learn as a stand alone without any problem but I recommend reading the collection to ensure that back story and historical past.

NOTE: There is a novella companion collection entitled NIGHTWING (Soulfire #1 / Windburn #2) that introduces several of the characters and a few background history into the warfare between the Morgons and humankind. I might strongly advocate studying the Nightwing companion collection earlier than beginning the Vale of Stars collection.

Advised from three first individual points of view (Kieren, Liana, Dakian) DRAGON FIRE follows in the aftermath of an damage that nearly killed our story line hero. Therapeutic and in hiding on the Sisters of Saint Portia convent Kieren would meet his future, his mate in the guise of Sister Liana, a lady with secrets and techniques of her personal. An assault by the Larkosians, a rogue group of Morgons, towards the Sisters of Saint Portia finds Kieren and Liana on the run, hoping to seek out assist along the best way. What ensues is the constructing relationship between Kieren and Liana, and the potential fall-out as Liana becomes the obsession of the Blood King’s proper hand man, obsession that burns with vengeance and retribution.

DRAGON FIRE is a story of power and management; destruction and obsession; household, friendship, and fated love. Liana struggles with the demise of her father, and the revenge that pressured our heroine into a life with the Sisters. Kieren is aware of it is just a matter time before his enemies discover his whereabouts but our hero has no concept that betrayal was however a dragon’s flight away.

The relationship between Kieren and Liana is one of quick attraction however Kieren believes Liana is off-limits, a Sister of Saint Portia, a lady raised to serve and obey. A collection of shared goals and fantasies finds Kieren hoping for a future with the mate of his heart. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate, with out the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

There is a giant ensemble forged of colourful and powerful, secondary and supporting characters including Demetrius and Shakara (Dragon Heartstring #.5), Kol and Moira (Waking the Dragon #1), Conn and Valla (Dragon within the Blood #2): Lucius and Jessen (Soulfire), Lorian and Sorcha (Windburn), Bowen, Craven: Bastien Silverback and his ‘bastards’ Madera and Rafe. The requisite evil has many faces together with the Blood King Larkos, and Larkosian Lieutenant Dakian.

DRAGON FIRE is the prelude to warfare, a conflict between the Morgons and the Larkosians, a conflict meant to kill and destroy. DRAGON FIRE can also be a narrative of discrimination and specieism, dominance and rule, authority and management. The Blood King Larkos is demanding his seat on the throne, and in doing so, units out to destroy everybody and the whole lot in his means, however most especially to rid the world of the human vermin. The implausible premise is partaking and energetic; the romance is seductive and shifting; the characters are robust, complicated and spirited.

Studying Order and former Critiques


Dragon Heartstring .5
Waking the Dragon
Dragon within the Blood

BARB’s Evaluation:

Dragon Fire by Juliette Cross is the 3rd ebook in her Vale of Stars collection.  I could not wait to get my palms on this e-book, as I have come to anticipate a implausible story from Juliette Cross, every time.  I’ve learn all her e-book, and each and everybody of them have been exciting, motion packed, attractive and easily implausible.  I’m comfortable to say that I beloved Dragon Fire.

In Dragon Fire, Kieran Moonring, our hero, is recovering from critical injuries he suffered when saving his brother’s mate in the final e-book of this collection.  Kieran is a needed man, having killed a strong senator’s son and has been hidden on the Sisters of the Mild convent, where he has been therapeutic for many months.  Kieran knows he can never develop into concerned with any of the sisters, although he finds himself very attracted to at least one of them.

Liana, has been the primary caretaker for Kieran, and finds herself having problem in preventing off her attraction to him.  Kieran has decided it is time for him to return house and face the fees towards him, in addition to be a part of the battle to stop the Blood King Larkos and his Larkosians. He also knows he can longer keep round Liana, as his dragon also needs to keep her as their mate.  Liana has goals about Kiernan, which she doesn’t know is a component of his goals too.

But earlier than he leaves, all hell breaks unfastened as the Larkosians have attacked the convent, and Kieran was capable of get Liana and himself to safety.  As he shortly grabs Liana, she sees the evil of these man who’re brutally raping, killing or kidnapping the other sisters.  Kiernan gets assist from one of his brother’s males, and he is able to deliver Liana again to Kol’s (final guide hero) house, within the security of his Morgon household and buddies.   Liana will study the truths of the evil outdoors the convent; develop into buddies with the mates from earlier books, as well as attempt to push Kiernan to succumb to their feelings.  The chemistry between them was scorching scorching, and began burning the pages ( okay I do read on a kindle 😊), especially with the  attainable onset of soulfire.   I really liked them collectively.  Things do progress between them when Liana explains that she just isn’t a real sister, but was pressured to remain on the convent as punishment for killing the person who killed her father.

What follows is a really exciting, action packed adventure that may deliver back many of our favorites from the first two books, in addition to from the unique Nightwing collection.  I liked seeing them all.  Just once they face the senate to free Kiernan from the fees, the evil Blood King and his Larkanians assault to take over the senate.   As the Morgon men be a part of arms to battle off the enemy, Liana’s finds herself in a horrific dangerous state of affairs that may have us holding our breaths.  Will both Kiernan or Liana survive?

Dragon Fire was an interesting read, from begin to finish. Liana and Kiernan have been an excellent couple, and it was great to spend time all the opposite tremendous individuals we met beforehand This can be a fantastic collection that you should not miss. Juliette Cross has once again created one other fantastic story that has a bit of every part; scorching attractive couple; motion, suspense, great secondary characters, evil villains and wonderful writing.  Dragon Fire was wild, loopy thrilling, action packed and steamy adventure.  If  you haven’t read Juliette Cross, what are you ready for?

His promise eased the visceral worry ripping by means of my bones. I’d never
seen violence like that. Not even in my father’s line of work.

Kieren knelt out of the blue and ripped at the bottom of my gown. He glanced up,
his eyes a burning blue, his pupils elongated into serpentine slits. Relatively
than trigger more panic, his dragon’s presence made me really feel safer. “I’m
sorry. I need to bind you to me.”

“To…to fly?”

“Yes.” He completed ripping off materials up to my thighs, then wove it into
one lengthy strip. His gaze flickered down my legs. “We’ll need to find some
place to hide nearby. To get you proper clothes. You’ll go hypothermic if
we fly too long. It’s cold up there.”

Glancing again the place a yellow haze lit the sky in the distance, I blurted,
“But my sisters. We have to go back—we have to—”

“Liana.” His voice was gruff and hoarse, both from the smoke or from
emotion. Or both. “If I could, I’d save *every* one of them. I can only
carry one without a harness and for any length of time. As it is”—he craned
his neck again to lookup at the sky—“those Morgons are likely flying nearby
above the woods.” His gaze fell again to mine. “There’s a chance we may not
even make it ourselves.” His tone softened however sent a good colder chill
by way of me. “Especially if we stay here much longer.”

He eased ahead. On instinct, I stepped again, my physique reacting with out my
brain. He paused, as soon as more tilting my chin up so I’d take a look at him.

“I know you’re afraid, Liana.” He caressed the again of his fingers up
across my cheek. “I’d never hurt you. I’m not one of those men you saw back
at the Temple.”

“I-I know.” I swallowed onerous. “I’m just—”

“It’s all right. I’m going to protect you.” He held out a hand. “Come
closer, Liana.”

Now his voice was a soothing, calm melody towards the horror filling the
night time within the distance. He provided me his hand, wanting me to really feel protected, to
have the choice to take it. In fact, I knew he was protected. However my survival
instincts have been operating riot with the pictures of Sister Mandia and Sister
Janice. Gulping onerous, I lay my hand in his, the heat engulfing mine.

He pulled me close, chest to chest. “Wrap your arms around my waist.”

I did, urgent my cheek to his scarred pectoral. If I wasn’t so
horror-stricken, I might relish this second. I exhaled a deep breath, the
terror shivers ebbing. He was so massive and exhausting and warm. He shortly looped
the fabric round and round several occasions until he tied the ends in a knot.

“This obviously isn’t a proper harness,” he whispered above me. “And even
without it I’d never drop you, but it will keep you to me should I have to
fight mid-air.”

Gasping, I shot my head up. He was wanting back towards the Temple, a yellow
haze past the woods.

“Fight mid-air?” I croaked.

He seemed down, cupping my face with giant, warm arms. Dropping his head
decrease, his lips a scant breath from mine, he murmured low, “No one will
hurt you.” A mushy, tender brush of his mouth over mine. “I’ll kill every
one of them.” Another gentle sweep of his lips. A nip at my decrease lip. “I’ll
tear them all to pieces before they touch you.”

Extra growl than words, I ought to’ve been more afraid. Of the damaging
violence simmering just beneath the surface. However I wasn’t. I opened my
mouth towards his and pressed closer. His answering groan rumbled from his
chest to mine as he slid his tongue inside with a predatory sweep. His kiss
turned deep, devouring, invading, as he banded his arms round me,
squeezing my delicate physique towards his exhausting one. He bracketed his legs outdoors
mine, arduous thighs pressing towards my hips, persevering with to kiss me with
bruising depth. Once I’d loosened sufficient to slip my tongue inside his
own mouth, he snapped away. Pulling again, he studied me with these eager
eyes. I had no concept what I appeared wish to him—shaken, dazed, and panting,
however all for a completely totally different cause than once I’d fled the Temple.

His arms wrapped all the best way round me, his fingers gripping my ribcage and
waist. “Hang on.”
That was all of the warning I had before he bent his knees, whipped open his
wings, and shot up into the night time sky.

Juliette calls lush, moss-laden Louisiana house where the landscape curls into her creativeness, creating mystical settings for her stories. She has a B.A. in artistic writing from Louisiana State College, a M.Ed. in gifted schooling, and was privileged to review beneath the award-winning writer Ernest J. Gaines in grad faculty. Her love of mythology, legends, and art serve as fixed inspiration for her works. From the second she learn JANE EYRE as a youngster, she fell in love with the Gothic romance–brooding characters, mysterious settings, persevering heroines, and dark, attractive heroes. Even then, she not only longed to read more novels set in Gothic worlds, she needed to create her personal.

Juliette is a multi-published writer, including her Nightwing collection with Kensington Publishing and The Vessel Trilogy with Samhain Publishing.

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