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Demi Lovato Tattoos | Photos, Meanings, Inspiration

Demi Lovato Tattoos | Photos, Meanings, Inspiration

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We been knew however Demi Lovato’s tattoos are the definition of ink inspiration. The 26-year-old has a complete of 19 tattoos (and extra, if we rely the small tweaks she’s made through the years), with every having its personal particular which means. From Roman numerals for her relations’ birthdays to quotes that remind her to “stay strong,” it’s no secret the “Tell Me You Love Me” singer has had some troublesome moments in her life, however her tattoos are examples that she’s come out of the opposite aspect higher and stronger.

However what are the meanings behind every of Lovato’s 19 tattoos? We did the work to seek out out. From the lips she tattooed on her wrist as a young person to the beyond-cute smiley face she has on her pinkie, not all of Lovato’s tattoos has a big which means, however they’re every part of her story and full a much bigger image. Huge or small, Lovato’s tattoos present each real-life and tattoo inspiration.

There’s little question Lovato has been by way of lots in her life—a lot of which has performed out within the highlight. And although she’s going via a troublesome part proper now, together with her current overdose in the summertime, we’re pulling for her and need her the perfect. We will’t wait to see what inspiring tattoo is subsequent. Till then, take a look at her full tattoo assortment forward.

“Free” on Her Finger

Lovato’s most up-to-date tattoo is the phrase “free” on her finger. She tattooed the phrase on the aspect of her pinkie in June 2018, quickly after revealing she broke her sobriety of six years in her music, “Sober.” In solidarity with Lovato, the singer’s hairstylist, César DeLeön Ramirêz, supervisor, Lauren Einbinder, private assistant, Kelsey Kershner, make-up artist, Jill Powell, and bodyguard, Max Lea, additionally tattooed the phrase on the fingers. Lovato and her group tattooed the phrase in Madrid, Spain through the singer’s Inform Me You Love Me Tour.

Lips on Her Wrist

In July 2011, Lovato tattooed a pair of purple lips on her wrist, which was an identical tattoo together with her associates, Hannah Beth Merjos, Ivey Ensley and Lauren Pietra. (Ensley and Merjos have the tattoo on their collarbones, whereas Lovato and Pietra have it on their wrists.) The tattoo is of Ensley’s lips. In an interview on Reside with Kelly and Michael in 2012, Lovato referred to as the tattoo, which she acquired on a tour bus on Warped Tour, a “stupid decision.” ‘It was only a spur of the second, silly determination,” she stated.

Lovato has additionally joked that the lips appear to be a vagina, which offended the tattoo artist, Ashley McMullen, who claimed that Lovato was drunk, impolite and didn’t pay for the tattoo. “Cool post @ddlovato, thanks for getting the tattoo covered up I did for free that you specifically asked for. Not to mention you didn’t even have the courtesy to offer me any money in the first place,” McMullen wrote on her Instagram.

Lovato, who later coated up the tattoo (extra on that later), apologized, whereas criticizing McMullen for tattooing her when she was underage and drunk. “I wasn’t going to acknowledge your bitter Instagram comments but since your side of the story has picked up some headlines, I would like to share my thoughts and send you a proper apology,” Lovato tweeted.

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Christopher Polk/Getty Pictures.

“You Make Me Beautiful” on Her Aspect

Lovato’s first tattoo have been the phrases, “You make me beautiful,” from Bethany Dillon’s track, “Beautiful,” on her aspect. Since she obtained the tattoo when she was 16, Lovato has up to date it with increasingly more element. In 2011, Lovato tattooed two feathers beneath the lyric. In September 2016, she made the tattoo right into a dream catcher by including extra feathers and beads.

STYLECASTER | Demi Lovato Tattoos


Roses on Her Forearm

To cowl the lips tattoo on her wrist, Lovato tattooed a rose on her forearm in 2015. “Bye bye ? and hello ?.. Thank you SO MUCH to my brother @GEESPOTAT2… It looks beaaauutiful and I LOVE it!! ??? #RIPvaginatattoo #kidsdontdodrugs,” she wrote on Instagram. She made some additions to the tattoo in September 2016. These additions included a second rose, some shading and leaves that reached round to the opposite aspect of her arm the place she had a tattoo for her father.

Lion on Her Hand

In August 2017, Lovato tattooed a lion face on the again of her left hand. The tattoo, which was achieved by superstar tattoo artist Bang Bang, is a logo for the singer’s astrology signal, Leo, in addition to her 2015 track, “Lionheart,” which talks about bravery and braveness. The tattoo can also be stated to be impressed by her late canine, Buddy, whom Lovato referred to as her “little lion heart.”

Smiley Face on Her Finger

One in every of Lovato’s tiniest tattoos is the smiley face on her finger, which she acquired in August 2016. For Lovato, the tattoo, which is on the tip of her pinkie, is a reminder that life is brief. “Cause life’s too short not to tattoo your pinky ?,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Buddy Was Here” on Her Foot

After the demise of her canine, Buddy, in September 2015, Lovato tattooed the phrases, “Buddy is here,” in child-like handwriting on the within of her left foot. (Lovato has additionally bought merchandise with the phrase on her Future Now Tour.) Buddy, a maltipoo who was killed by a coyote in Lovato’s yard, was a present from her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama in December 2014.

STYLECASTER | Demi Lovato Tattoos

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.

Roman Numerals on Her Aspect

In October 2014, after her New York cease on her Demi World Tour, Lovato tattooed 5 Roman numerals on her aspect. The 5 tattoos, which she acquired from Bang Bang, characterize 5 of her family members’ birthdays: her mother, Dianna De La Garza, her older sister, Dallas Lovato, her youthful sister, Madison De La Garza, her stepfather, Eddie De La Garza, and her estranged father, Patrick Lovato. “I was very conflicted when he passed, because he was abusive. He was mean, but he wanted to be a good person. And he wanted to have his family,” Lovato stated in a YouTube video for her 2013 music, “Father,” which is about her father.

Africa on Her Arm

For her 21st birthday, Lovato traveled to Africa to the Maasai Mara Area of Kenya for a volunteer journey with the charity, WE. The journey, which occurred in August 2013, was so life-changing that Lovato tattooed an overview of Africa on the within of her arm in December 2013. “I went [to Africa] for my 21st birthday. I went to Kenya and it was just a very, very inspirational journey that I feel like really had a huge impact on my life,” she advised iHeartRadio. “And, I would’ve gotten Kenya but then people would have been like, ‘What’s that?’ So Africa’s a little more distinct.”

STYLECASTER | Demi Lovato Tattoos

KatherineTyler for iHeartRadio.

“III” on Her Wrist

In December 2013, Lovato tattooed the Roman numeral “III” on her wrist in reminiscence of her father, Patrick Lovato, who died in June 2013 after an extended battle with most cancers. Although Lovato was estranged from her father for many her life, the tattoo continues to be a tribute to him and his favourite quantity, three, which is the variety of his favourite NASCAR  race automotive driver, Dale Earnhardt.

“It’s the Roman Numeral three. It means a lot to me because my dad, it was his like number,” Lovato stated in an interview with Craig Ferguson in 2013.. “He passed this summer and I wanted to do something positive.”

“Now I’m a Warrior” on Her Again

On her higher again, beneath her neck, Lovato has the phrase, “Now I’m a warrior,” tattooed. The phrase is a lyric from her 2013 music, “Warrior,” which talks about Lovato’s struggles and the way she’s overcome them to grow to be stronger. The tattoo was achieved by Bang Bang in Might 2013. “I have a song on my album called ‘Warrior’ and it’s a very, very meaningful song to me,” Lovato stated in on The Tonight Present with Jimmy Fallon in 2013. “It’s really heavy, the lyrics, but it’s an inspirational song as well. It’s a negative thing turned positive. I’ve been through a lot and I’m really really honest on this album. And this is a song that was really difficult for me to write, record, and now release. [The tattoo] was kind of like a tribute to releasing the album as well as overcoming some really really difficult things in my life.”

Birds on Her Forearm

Lovato has a collection of birds tattooed on her forearm. The design for the tattoo, which options 12 birds flying and was achieved by Kat Von D, later appeared on the duvet of her 2013 ebook, Staying Robust: 365 Days. Lovato selected birds for the tattoo, which she acquired in November 2012, as a logo for freedom. She was encourage to get it after an Alcoholics Nameless program. “I love the freedom that birds represent and I didn’t specifically have a huge reason why I got 12 of them,” she advised iHeartRadio in 2013. “But one day, one of my friends that I was at Sober Living, I was living in her Sober Living house, and they asked, ‘So why’d you get … How many did you get?’ And I was like, ‘I don’t know. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve,’ and I was like, ‘Whoa, I didn’t mean to do that.’ But it’s like, it was kind of like a God thing, like I worked the 12 steps, so as I got that while I was in Sober Living, apparently it was really meant to be.”

STYLECASTER | Demi Lovato Tattoos

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.

“Let Go” and “Let God” on Her Ft

As a Christian, Lovato tattooed the phrases “Let go” and “Let God” on her ft in September 2012. Every phrase is tattooed on a special foot above her toes.

“Faith” on Her Arm

In December 2011, Lovato tattooed the phrase “Faith” on her wrist. The tattoo, which on her proper arm and under her elbow, is an identical tattoo together with her pal Lauren Martin, whom she met in remedy at Timberline Knolls.

STYLECASTER | Demi Lovato Tattoos

Steve Granitz/WireImage.

“Rock N Roll” on Her Finger

One in every of Lovato’s tiniest tattoos are the phrases “Rock N Roll” on her finger. She shares the tattoo together with her pal, Hannah Beth Merjos. And although Lovato has expressed remorse concerning the tattoo, she’s nonetheless a fan of it as of now. “I’ve thought about it [tattoo removal] before, because when I get older I don’t know if I’m going to want to have ‘rock and roll’ on my middle finger. But whatever, I’m young and I can rock it now and when I get older I can worry about that later,” she stated in an interview on Reside with Kelly and Michael.

STYLECASTER | Demi Lovato Tattoos

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Photographs.

“Peace” on Her Finger

In late 2011, Lovato tattooed the phrase “Peace” on the aspect of her center finger of her left hand. Due to its location and her fingers rubbing collectively, the ink on the tattoo has worn off a bit, with the final “E” being barely seen.

STYLECASTER | Demi Lovato Tattoos

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.

Cross on Her Hand

In June 2011, Lovato tattooed a cross on the aspect of her proper hand, under her pinkie. The tattoo is a nod to her religion as a Christian. In an interview with On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Lovato revealed that she selected that location so followers would see it when she held the microphone and remind them that she’s a religious Christian.

“Stay” and “Strong” on Her Wrists

In March 2013, after three months in rehab for her consuming dysfunction and slicing, Lovato tattooed the phrases “Stay” and “Strong” on her wrists. Every phrase is on a special wrist, forming the phrase, “Stay strong,” once they’re put collectively. The phrase later turned the title of Lovato’s 2012 MTV documentary. The situation was additionally chosen to cowl up Lovato’s scars from when she reduce herself.

“The message is for me. It says, ‘Stay Strong.’ So every day no matter if I’m putting on my shoes or putting on my makeup, I see it every day, to stay strong.,” she advised 20/20 in 2013. “It was very symbolic for me to be able to be able to cover that up and also replace it with something else that’s permanent so that I’ll never be able to forget the support that I had when I went in [to treatment].”

Feather Behind Her Ear

In June 2010 on a Warped Tour bus, Lovato tattooed a blue feather behind her ear. “I have a feather behind my ear, and it honestly doesn’t mean anything,” she advised HollywoodLife in 2010. “I just think it’s cute. It’s a light blue feather, but it looks more like a leaf, so I gotta fix it.” She later fastened the tattoo in June 2011 to make it look much less like a leaf and extra like a feather.

STYLECASTER | Demi Lovato Tattoos

Michael Tran/FilmMagic.

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