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‘Castle Rock’ Finale: Recap & Review

‘Castle Rock’ Finale: Recap & Review


Hulu’s Citadel Rock has been a completely phenomenal collection that basically took followers unexpectedly. Actually, the penultimate episode (Episode 9) threw in some twists that followers weren’t anticipating, however they’ll be speaking about for a very long time. Now the finale has aired and followers are going to have a yr or so to debate all their theories and reactions. This can be a recap and evaluate of the finale, up to date stay whereas watching the episode, so you will get real reactions and ideas about how Season 1 is ending.

The finale episode known as “Romans.” It begins with a  look again at earlier episodes, together with Henry Deaver (performed by Andre Holland) ending considered one of his homicide trials. I’m going to confer with him as Henry on this recap, and the different Henry as The Child, only for simplicity’s sake.

We’ve obtained loads of questions because the finale begins, and I’m questioning simply how a lot goes to be answered.

It begins with The Child within the jail cell beneath Shawshank, because of Lacy believing he had a directive from God. (Is that this the identical “God” that Henry’s father stored considering he heard within the woods, and that Henry and his son additionally hear?) Lacy prays over the meal he gave The Child and sits for a chat whereas smoking a cigarette. I truthfully don’t understand how The Child (aka Henry) stayed sane all these years. (Besides the best way he appeared when he acquired out as in comparison with how he was within the alternate actuality tells us that he didn’t make it out unscathed — in case you consider his story.)

Lacy is telling The Child that he by no means had youngsters due to him, and he was all the time ready on directions from “him.” (My principle is perhaps Randall Flagg is the “god” he’s listening to from? That might be twisted wouldn’t it?) Lacy holds a gun on The Child, contemplating capturing him. However he doesn’t. The Child is just about simply not reacting to any of this. Life has crushed him down. 🙁 (Let’s not overlook that he was delivered to Lacy by the person who’s his adopted dad in his personal actuality.)

Now again at Shawshank, we see prisoners being loaded on a bus.

Then we’re at that creepy B&B with all of the work of the child that Lacy drew.

And we see the blonde (Jackie) outdoors the creepy B&B, wanting on the lifeless man throughout a track montage. And we see Henry’s son Wendell returning to Fort Rock (I forgot about that half.)

Henry’s mother Ruth is standing on a pillar overlooking the bridge once more, contemplating leaping again in. (My concept on Ruth is that she actually is a time traveler and may by some means journey between realities. She doesn’t have dementia, she actually is confused and dropping her “grip” on her personal timeline.)

Now we’re again at Molly’s residence, after The Child informed her the entire story. His story was so tragic. “To you were strangers, but I’ve known you all my life. I need your help to convince Henry to go out there with me… Because he hears it, the sound. I think it’s some kind of door from one world to the other. When I went out there, nothing happened. I didn’t even know what to look for.”

(By the best way, I’m fairly positive this door is a “thinny,” which we’ve heard about in King’s books.)

The Child asks Molly to deliver Henry to him so he can remind Henry of one thing. Molly needs to know what she was like within the different actuality. “Happier,” The Child says. (And that’s true. She was at peace with herself and she or he had a terrific profession.)

Molly is making an attempt to name Henry however can’t attain him. We see an enormous flock of birds menacingly flying, they usually divebomb Henry’s automotive. Ouch!

The intro performs, and now right here we go…

Molly is driving, in search of Henry, and finds Ruth standing on a pillar, overlooking that bridge once more, occupied with leaping in. In fact, she’s not going to have the ability to deal with what she did to Alan. 🙁

Molly tries to get Ruth to return together with her, however she needs to go to the hospital so Alan gained’t depart her aspect. She is aware of Alan’s lifeless and she or he is aware of she shot him, however she says he’s additionally alive different occasions. He “zigs and zags,” “folks in the river always changing… Alan’s dead, Alan’s alive. Been here before, be here again, you and me on the bridge.”

Molly is starting to comprehend Ruth’s not loopy. She tells Ruth that a type of different occasions Ruth noticed, she left Matthew and went with Alan. She’s starting to see the reality. Ruth doesn’t have dementia — Ruth is leaving in all these realities and seeing them directly.

Again at Shawshank, a guard talks to Warden Porter about how they’ve 152 much less mouths to feed. They’ve acquired to clear the jail out, nevertheless it’s not straightforward. “Shawshank’s been open 100 years. One head case goes postal, nine of my men are dead, and institution dies with them,” the guard is saying.

Porter arrives house, troubled by the whole lot that’s occurring. She’s smoking, identical to Warden Lacy earlier than her. She finds a carved cleaning soap determine on her desk that doesn’t belong to her. (This was what Henry Deaver had with him whereas he was being held captive by Matthew Deaver within the different actuality, and in addition what was with The Child whereas he was held captive by Lacy underneath Shawshank.)

Now we’re again in time, with Matthew Deaver taking his son Henry into the woods, making an attempt to see if he hears the identical factor. (Within the different actuality, he did the identical factor with The Child, however The Child by no means might hear it.) Matthew says that Henry’s not listening to it as a result of “she’s forced you to deceive me.” He is aware of that Ruth is with Alan, and he believes Ruth might be gone quickly, so Henry and Matthew can reside “pure.”

“The wages of sin is death,” Matthew quotes to Henry from Romans. “She’s left me no choice.”

Henry takes off operating. Now he is aware of that his dad goes to kill his mother.

In the meantime in current day, grownup Henry is handed out in his automotive after being attacked by a flock of birds. It seems prefer it’s the subsequent day, so he’s been handed out together with his window partially open for some time. Apparently birds are killing themselves throughout city. (Keep in mind, Lacy thought The Child was the satan and inflicting this stuff to occur, however after Episode 9, I’m not so positive about that anymore.)

Now we’re again within the current day, and Wendell is strolling by way of the woods, making an attempt to get again residence. He runs into some cop automobiles surrounding a camper. This is identical camper that his dad discovered, and he’s stumbling onto the homicide scene. The man who locked Henry up in a soundless room is lifeless, and the younger man who was by his aspect is there, very a lot alive and nicely. (These characters’ names are escaping me.)

I really like the velocity that this present strikes at. Nothing goes to sluggish, they usually maintain me by means of each scene.

Within the subsequent scene, Henry goes again to his mother’s home and finds Ruth there (within the background, you’ll be able to hear a information report about Shawshank closing.) Molly is there ready for him.

“I found her out on the bridge,” she says. “She was going to jump again… Jesus, Henry, you got stabbed.”

She tells him that The Child got here to him. And now we’re at Concord Hill Cemetery, the place The Child is strolling up the steps. “Terrible things just follow him wherever he goes, like he’s a mad man or something,” Molly says. “And he’s saying it was the same for you over there. He knew everything, Henry, about me, about you, your family.”

Henry’s skeptical.

“All he wants is for you to help him get home,” Molly says. “He thinks that the door… or whatever it is… he thinks it’s open right now and he doesn’t know how long it will stay open…”

Henry needs to show him in. (Not a good suggestion, Henry!) However I like that they aren’t making him instantly consider The Child, particularly contemplating that his dad died on the market within the woods (and so did Molly within the different actuality.) He thinks even whether it is true, he shouldn’t go as a result of somebody all the time dies on the market.

I’m feeling dangerous for TK (the Child) proper now. He simply needs to go residence. 🙁

Henry will get a name and goes to the police station, the place his son is. Wendell tells him that he heard a sound within the woods and couldn’t depart. He needed to get nearer to that sound.

Annnnd, the police aren’t going to let Henry depart the station. What the heck? That is ominous.

The police chief exhibits him an image of the person who was killed within the woods. “Eye witness says that you and Mr. Branch had an argument a few nights ago,” the cop tells him. Oh nice.

Within the subsequent scene, Warden Porter exhibits up at Molly’s door, on the lookout for TK. She exhibits Molly the carved cleaning soap determine. “Warden Lacy was right,” Porter says. “He’s the devil.” Porter is freaking out proper now over that little determine that she discovered. AND SHE IS KILLED BY A BUS WHAT ON EARTH JUST HAPPENED?!?!

Henry is being interrogated, and the ringing in his ears is getting louder. “Wherever you go, there’s bloodshed,” the cop is telling him. That’s what I’m considering. He returned to the city and every thing began going haywire. It won’t be TK in any case. (Or it’s each of them.)

Henry requests his telephone name, as a result of this interrogation is getting creepy, and I don’t blame him.

Now we’re again on the scene of Porter’s dying. Plainly individuals who contact TK (or issues he touched) die horrifically. That’s one concept individuals are sharing. In the meantime, the prisoners on the bus are getting fairly stressed. This can be a big mess.

Molly will get a telephone name from Henry and she or he brings the determine to him on the police station, saying it’s the identical one which TK left in her workplace. (And SHE’S NOT DEAD FOLKS.) Henry asks her to take Wendell to Boston after which simply carry on driving. He needs her to get away from Fort Rock and away from him. Poor Henry. 🙁 I feel he and TK are each simply harmless victims of one thing a lot greater than them.

Henry is put into jail, as a result of that’s truthful. They don’t actually have possible trigger to jail him. He had an argument with that man however there’s no proof… That is making me mad. Ugh.

In the meantime on the cemetery, TK is hanging out, watching a helicopter fly overhead and police automobiles present up, surrounding him. The cops ask him to place his palms up and are arresting him as a result of that is sensible too. He sees his personal headstone from when he died as a child on this actuality. Yikes.

So now each Deavers are arrested.

Molly is driving Wendell out of city, and Wendell asks her if what’s occurring has to do with the sound within the woods.

TK is put in a jail cell proper subsequent to Henry. “You sent them,” TK says. “That’s what I would’ve done. She told you everything?”

Oh! Henry despatched the police to TK. Fascinating.

“The sound stops, I think I could be stuck here,” TK says. “As long as I’m here, things will get worse. People will die. I can’t stop it. I’m not supposed to be here.”

Personally, I consider TK.

Henry needs to know who he’s. “Same as you,” TK says. ” A sufferer.”

However Henry doesn’t consider him. TK reminds him of the dream Henry retains having of being locked in a cage in a basement (that’s what occurred in TK’s actuality — proof that TK is telling the reality.)

I actually like how they didn’t have Henry instantly consider TK. I’d anticipate this from a dying row lawyer who offers with lies lots in his profession.

TK says it is sensible that Henry blocked the reminiscence. “When they found me, even after I got out, it didn’t all fit together,” TK says. “Then I got to your house, my house… Your memories will come back too. Maybe in pieces, one at a time. They will.”

Henry asks what would have occurred if his mother had stayed in Fort Rock in TK’s world. TK says that Matthew would’ve killed her as a result of he knew all about Ruth and Alan, and he quoted Romans 6:23. That is precisely what occurred in Henry’s universe and what Matthew threatened. YES. TK IS BEING HONEST. I knew it.

Henry’s remembering what his dad stated to him about Romans. (For this reason the episode known as Romans.) The police the transfer Henry into the identical cell with TK, to allow them to deliver different prisoners into the jail. Appears like these are some prisoners from Shawshank. They’re taunting TK, however then one thing goes incorrect they usually begin preventing one another whereas TK stares them down. That’s when Henry begins to guess that TK has some sort of energy and is inflicting all of this to occur. The prisoners are escaping and capturing the guards. The important thing will get slipped into their cage and identical to that, TK goes to be free. However every thing is falling aside and individuals are capturing and preventing one another. Henry is freaked out, realizing this may be all TK’s doing.

As they stroll out of the police station, everyone seems to be lifeless. This jogs my memory lots of what occurred at Shawshank, so it’s acquired to be due to TK and never Henry, proper? I nonetheless consider TK’s story, however he has some loopy talents that he’s not being up entrance about.

TK is able to be out of this world. He holds a gun on Henry and needs to make him go into the woods with him. I’m questioning simply how a lot management TK has over what occurs round him, and the way a lot is simply the universe freaking out as a result of he’s within the fallacious actuality.

TK and Henry are strolling into the woods. “I don’t want to hurt you Henry,” TK says, his phrases echoing what Henry’s dad stated to him when he was a child.  Ohhhh, we’re going to see how his dad fell! I all the time suspected Henry pushed him off the cliff.

My drawback right here is that I actually need to like TK and never consider he’s inflicting all of the dying round him, that it’s simply the universe’s response to him and he’s determined to get again residence and cease hurting individuals… This can be a signal of actually good writing, for my part.

Again when Henry was a child, his dad adopted him to the cliff and noticed somebody standing on the backside (perhaps TK?) An enormous flock of loopy birds was flying overhead, identical to they’re now, and younger Henry pushed his dad over the sting as a result of he needed to save lots of his mother’s life.

Again in at this time’s actuality, Henry is listening to the sounds of the woods, identical to his dad did. A helicopter flies overhead and Henry takes the chance to take the gun from TK. However then TK seems to be up and he’s a monster… A MONSTER? WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT? Annnd now he’s again to regular. WHAT? Perhaps he simply seems to be like a monster as a result of he’s within the flawed actuality?


Now we minimize to a brand new, quiet scene that paints an enormous distinction to the place we simply have been. (I really like this present.) It’s one yr later, and Henry is again working as a lawyer once more. It seems to be like he isn’t in demise row regulation anymore.

He’s nonetheless dwelling in Fort Rock, working there now, and Wendell resides there with him at Ruth’s home. They’re enjoying chess with Ruth’s particular set and it’s Christmas time. Henry seems to be outdoors at Molly’s home. She’s not there anymore.

Molly’s an actual property agent now, and she or he’s not dwelling in Fort Rock anymore. She appears comfortable and she or he’s within the Florida Keys, together with her grandma.

Henry visits Ruth and Alan’s grave… Awww, she’s gone now too. 🙁

Right here’s Henry’s voiceover on the finish: “Fact doesn’t change, it’s simply fact. Pure. However justice that’s totally different relying on what aspect of the invisible line you’re on. And Ron, the road is right here. Runs proper by way of Wilma’s azaleas. You dug your septic right here. Maine property regulation is a briar patch, however I’ve acquired some tips up my sleeve…

“Some folks get away. Spend the rest of their lives trying to forget this place… Maybe they do forget, for a while. Some never leave, no matter how hard they try. Most of us are trapped here for a reason. Everyone in this town has some sin or regret, some cage of his own making, and the story, a sad one, about how we got this way. It wasn’t me, it was this place. That’s what we say. But that’s a story too, it doesn’t change a thing. Maybe something turns you into a monster. Or maybe you were one all along. Doesn’t matter. You’re here now. This is who you are. This is where you live. This is where you’re from.”

Henry’s sneaking into an deserted Shawshank. And he’s going proper again to the cage that Lacy arrange underground. And there’s TK. 🙁

Sure, it appears like Henry put TK proper again in that cage the place Lacy had him. And identical to his personal tousled father did to him within the different actuality. 🙁

He’s bringing meals for TK: hamburger and fries for Christmas, which is the subsequent day.

“I know you still have doubts Henry,” TK tells him. However Henry’s having none of that. “How long are we gonna do this?”

“Don’t know,” Henry says.

“After a while you forget which side of the bars you’re on,” TK says. “That’s what Warden Lacy used to say… Look how things turned out for him.”

Henry simply says Merry Christmas and walks out.

Sooo…. Henry has become his father, the person he hated. And it seems to be like his life probably gained’t finish properly, identical to Warden Lacy’s. I’m nonetheless considering that TK was solely a monster as a result of he was within the incorrect actuality. That final shot, which exhibits him smiling creepily at the hours of darkness, leads us to consider in any other case, although.

What do you assume? I feel that is an ironic ending. We’re led to consider that TK is the monster and truly see him portrayed as one. However in actuality, Henry could be turning into the monster that he believed his dad to be. He’s locking up TK, identical to his dad locked him up in an alternate actuality.

We will additionally say that though he tries to persuade a jury that they want zero doubt earlier than locking somebody up (and stated that he himself would wish that), he nonetheless made the choice to lock TK up whereas nonetheless having a number of doubt. Perhaps that’s why he can’t be the identical sort of lawyer anymore.

By the best way, don’t miss the after credit scene! 

Jackie is studying a horror e-book that she’s writing, based mostly on how she needed to kill that B&B proprietor with an axe. It’s referred to as “Overlooked” and it’s about her. “It’s ancient history. It’s family history,” she says, including that she’s heading out west. “The best place to finish a book is where it started.”

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