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Best Ninja Blender 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Ninja Blender Review

Welcome to the most comprehensive Ninja Blender review for 2018 on the internet. In this guide, I review EVERY Ninja blender model on the market. My goal is to help you find the best Ninja blender for your needs and budget.

Best Ninja Blender Review

The biggest questions people have about Ninja blenders are: 1) How do the Ninja models compare to other brands and 2) What is the best Ninja blender for my needs ?

In this guide I will provide all the important information that you need to answer those questions. Think of this article as a one-stop resource for Ninja Blender reviews and information. This guide is continuously updated !

In a hurry?  Here are my Best Ninja blender choices in 2018:

Best Ninja Blenders Model
Best Ninja Blender for Smoothies (Countertop/Fullsize) – Low Price tier BL660
Best Ninja Blender for Smoothies (Countertop/Fullsize) – Mid price tier BL642
Best Professional-Quality Ninja Blender (closest Ninja Blender to a Vitamix) CT805
Best Ninja Blender Kitchen System(with Food Prep) BL770
Best Small Personal Ninja Blender BL482
Best Low Cost Ninja Personal Blender BL456


Ninja Blender Overview

The Ninja blender product line has grown in popularity in the last decade due to its popular infomercials and overall positive customer reviews. It has become an innovator in the blender market with unique designs and functionality.

SharkNinja is the parent company of Ninja blenders and has been making household appliances for generations. Ninja blenders typically are priced slightly above basic countertop blenders but below high-end blender brand like Vitamix and Blendtec.

Ninja uses fancy terms to describe their different blenders like “Total Crushing Blending”, “Nutrient and Vitamin Extract”, and “Nutrient Fusion”. These terms simply describe what each blender is best intended for. Overall, the main differences in the Ninja blender models are power, accessories, and functionality.

The Ninja blender product lines are divided into the following categories

  1. Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ Series
  2. Nutri Ninja Series
  3. Total Crushing Series
  4. Ninja Ultima Series (Discontinued)
  5. Ninja Chef Blenders (New 2017)
  6. Ninja Intelli-Sense Blenders (New 2017)
  7. Ninja FreshVac and Smart Screen Blenders (New September 2018)

There are various types of Ninja blenders within each of the six categories listed above so it is difficult to accurately provide a Ninja blender comparison chart for all models. Instead, I will compare Ninja Blender models in the guide below separated by product line.

If you are looking for a Ninja blender review of a specific model then use the table of content below to skip to that model.

1. Nutri Ninja Auto IQ series

The Nutri Ninja Auo IQ series is their popular blender line that includes both compact personal blenders and full-size countertop blenders all using their Auto IQ preset blending technology. Auto iQ is preset programs that use a combination of pulsing, pauses, and continuous blending to allow for hands-off blending.

Some Ninja blenders also can sense how much you have in the blender and will adjust for which pitchers or jars you have on the blender. The video below explains what Ninja Auto iQ is and how how it works.

What is Ninja Auto iQ ?

The Auto IQ blender line includes the following blenders:

Compact, Personal Size Models:

  • Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ (Models: BL480 / BL 481 / BL482 )
  • Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Complete Extraction System (Model: BL486co)
  • Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Pro Complete (Models: BL487 / BL487A / BL488W)
  • Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Compact System (Models: BL490 / BL491 / BL492 / BL492W / BL493Z / BL494)
  • Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO with Auto-iQ Boost (Models: NNbl492100 / NN100A / NN101)

Full-size Countertop Models

  • Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo with Auto iQ (Models: BL640 /BL641 / BL642 / BL642W / BL642Z)
  • Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender System with Auto iQ (Models: BL680A /BL682)
  • Nutri Ninja Ninja BlendMax Duo with Auto iQ Boost (Models: BL2012 / BL2013)

Wow, that is a lot of blender models. Don’t worry, most of these are pretty similar and just have variations in accessories. Let’s get into the reviews of these Auto-IQ models.

Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Review (Models: BL480 / BL 481 / BL482 )

Nutri Ninja Pro reviewThe Nutri Ninja BL480 Series is their introductory AutoIQ personal blender line that took their popular BL450 Nutri Ninja personal blender and added their Auto-IQ technology to it.

The 480 series is an upgrade to their basic BL450/BL451/BL455/BL456 product line which does not have Auto iQ.

This blender line has a 1000 watt motor with 21,000 RPM so it similar to other popular personal blenders like Nutribullet. (I wrote another post comparing Nutribullet vs Nutri Ninja  personal blenders).

When comparing the BL480 vs BL481 vs BL482 they all have the same blender base but the BL481 adds 1 32oz jar and the BL482 adds 1 32oz jar + extra recipe guide. See comparison below where I BOLD the differences from the base BL480 model.

BL 480 includes:

  • 1 Motor Base
  • 1 24oz Jar
  • 1 18oz jar
  • 1 Extractor Blade
  • 2 Sip and Seal Lids
  • Guide and JumpStart Plan

BL 481 includes:

  • 1 Motor Base
  • 1 32oz Jar
  • 1 24oz Jar
  • 1 18oz jar
  • 1 Extractor Blade
  • 3 Sip and Seal Lids
  • Guide and JumpStart Plan

BL 482 includes:

  • 1 Motor Base
  • 1 32oz Jar
  • 1 24oz Jar
  • 1 18oz jar
  • 1 Extractor Blade
  • 3 Sip and Seal Lids
  • Guide and JumpStart Plan
  • “Eat to Lose, Eat to Win” Book

The main selling point for this blender line is it work as a single-serve smoothie blender. It is compact and can grind, blend, and puree most ingredients.

You just add the ingredients, screw the blade base on and blend. The Auto IQ programs for this model series are “Blend” and Ultra Blend” (which depends on the hardness of the ingredients used) and two manual settings.

The Auto IQ programs are very popular among consumers and and the BL480 has good ratings from testing done by Good Housekeeping.

Positives: Customers like the pre-programmed functionality that the Auto-IQ technology offers which other personal blender brands don’t offer. It is compact and easy to store. The blender is easy to clean and jars are dishwasher safe. I like that the BL480 series allows you to lock the jar into place to blend vs the 450 series you have to manually hold it in place the entire blending cycle.

Negatives: Can only do smaller jobs versus a fullsize blender.

Overall Opinion: I would go with the BL481 or BL482 because they include the necessary 32oz jar(BL480 does not). I prefer the larger 32oz jar to fit enough raw ingredients for a larger personal smoothie serving. The BL482 is good if you want the preset functions although it doesn’t blend noticeably better than the Nutri Ninja BL450 series or Nutribullet Pro.

I would go with the BL482 vs BL450 series because the BL482 has Auto-IQ, allows you to lock in the jar for hands off blending, and has a 32oz jar. If you are on a budget or don’t like the risk of electronics breaking then the BL456 (or Nutribullet are good alternatives.

Click here for Nutri Ninja BL482 Current Price

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Nutri Ninja Auto IQ Complete Extraction System BL486 reviewThe Nutri Ninja Complete Extraction System BL486co is the same 1000w blender as the BL 482 but the BL 486 changes the Auto iQ presets buttons  to have “Pro Extraction” or XL Extraction” (The BL 482 had “Blend” and “UltraBlend” buttons) .

The “XL Extraction” button is made to accommodate the larger 48oz container.

The other 2 buttons on the BL486 are the single-speed “Pulse” and “Start/Stop”.

The BL4886 comes with two 24oz containers with lids as well as a large 48oz XL container with handle for larger servings. It also comes with a nice 24oz stainless steel to-go cup to keeps your smoothie cold longer.

Positives: Blends smoothies well like other Nutri Ninja Auto iQ blenders. Some people like the 48oz pitcher for extra capacity. The 1000 watt motor and preset functions are plenty to make any smoothie. The BL486 reviews are very positive from customers and people really like how the Auto IQ adjusts the motor speed based on what you put in the blender.

Negatives: I wish the BL486 had the 32oz jar for personal smoothies as the 24oz jars can only hold enough raw ingredients to typically make about 12oz of finished smoothie which can be on the small side for some people looking for a meal replacement portion. The 48oz container works fine though. Some people complained about the locking sensor not responding properly but that didn’t seem common.

Overall Opinion: The Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ complete Extraction System 1000w Professional BL486 is a good choice if you just want a personal blender with a larger pitcher and like the Auto iQ functions. The reviews are overall positive. You will pay a little more for the BL486 vs. BL482 with the only real difference being the larger 48oz pitcher and extra stainless steel to-go cup that you get with the BL486.

I didn’t see any difference in the blender base when comparing the the BL482 vs BL486 except the slight change in Auto iQ programs for the larger 48oz container. Also, the BL482 has a digital countdown timer which is a nice feature but the BL486 does not have that.

Personally, I would go with the BL482 as a solid choice for a Personal blender.

Click Here for Ninja Complete Extraction BL486 Current Price

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Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Pro Complete Review (Models: BL487 / BL487A / BL488W)

Nutri Ninja Auto iQ Pro Complete BL487 ReviewThe Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ Pro complete BL487 blender introduced their new “Smooth Boost Technology” which is a Auto iQ preset program called “Smoothie Boost”. This “smoothie boost” is also available on the BL491 / BL492 series which I will get to next.

The Ninja BL487 Pro Complete has the “Extract” and “Blend” Auto iQ button as well as adds the “Smooth Boost” for extra blending. It also offers the the pulse function like other Ninja Blenders.

What Does Ninja Smooth Boost Technology Do?

The “Smooth boost” purees the ingredients even smoother than other Auto iQ programs. To make smoothies, you use the smoothie boost function with the extract blades  and smoothie jars(not the pitchers). To use Smooth boost you would select “Extract” and “Smoothie Boost” to liquefy the ingredients.

Use the “blend” Auto iQ button when you want the drink to be a little thicker, frothier like a milkshake or iced drink.

Essentially,  the BL487 is the same as BL482 blender but with a stronger 1100 watt motor and adds the “Smooth Boost” Auto iQ program. The Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Pro Complete BL487 includes the 32oz jumbo multi-serve cup, 24oz tritan nutri ninja cup, and 24oz stainless steel to-go jar. The BL487a and BL488w are the same thing but just oriented for certain retailers so the model # is different.

Positives: People really like the Smooth Boost function as it liquefies the ingredients and I like how this provides the larger 32oz jar and 24oz stainless steel to go jar.

Negatives: Not much to be negative about. Although, the price is over $100 which starts to compete with fullsize countertop blenders. It is a less popular Auto IQ model and looks to only be sold in some stores now.

Overall Opinion: My Nutri Ninja Pro Complete review found no issues and has very high marks from customers. It is not as popular a model as the other Auto iQ models like the lesser priced BL482( which doesnt have smooth blender Auto iQ) or the more full-featured BL492. Overall, the BL487 blender package is a great blender for making single serve smoothies with solid features and accessories.

Click Here for Nutri Ninja BL487 Current Price

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Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Compact System (Models: BL490 / BL491 / BL492 / BL492W / BL493Z / BL494)

The Nutri Ninja Auto iQ Compact System line took the popular features from their earlier Auto iQ models and added a stronger motor, Smooth Boost technology, and some new accessories.

For an overview on the Smoothie Boost technology, refer to the BL487 review above.

BL490 Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Blender Review

Nutri Ninja Auto iQ BL490 ReviewThe BL490 technically isn’t part of their compact system because it doesn’t comes with a compact blend and prep bowl. The BL490 blender is a mix of different models in that it has a 1200 watt motor which is stronger than the 480 series Auto iQ blender and comes with the Tall Extra large 72 pitcher with total crushing blade vs. the other Ninja Compact System blenders(BL491 & BL492) do not.

The BL490 comes with 24oz Tritan jar, 72oz Total Crushing pitcher, and 24oz Stainless steel ninja to-go cup.

Positives: Stronger than  BL480 series and has Smooth boost technology. If you like making frozen drinks and hard ingredient recipes then the 72oz pitcher is convenient and 1200 is decent power on this blender. You can make smoothies with the 24oz cup and frozen drinks/large blending with 72oz pitcher.

Negatives: Doesn’t comes with a 32oz or larger cup for making larger smoothies. The 72oz pitcher isn’t really for making smoothies so if smoothies are your focus then other models like BL487 is a better fit. Doesn’t come with the Blend and prep bowl that the BL491/492 come with.

Overall Opinion: The Nutri Ninja BL490 is a solid blender for its compact size with 1200 watts although I wish it came with a 32oz Nutri Ninja cup. If you like the 72oz Total crushing pitcher for making frozen drinks it is a good fit for you.

If you are comparing the BL490 vs BL491 vs BL492 vs BL494 then the BL490 doesn’t come with the Blend & Prep bowl which is more for food prep. (I review the BL491, BL492, BL493 and BL494 separately below). The BL492 is the most popular model among the three but the newer BL494 is becoming more popular.

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Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Compact System BL 491 Review

Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Compact System BL 491 ReviewThe BL491 also has 1200 watt motor (1.4 HP) like the BL490 but is marketed as a “Compact System” in that is can make smoothies and also do food prep with the 40 oz Blend and Prep bowl to chop, make bread dough, and add more food prep functionality.

With the addition of the blend and prep bowl and accessories, the BL491 adds the “Chop” Auto iQ button to use with the “stacked” chopping blade and “Blend and Prep” bowl. You just press the “Chop” button to dice and chop up ingredients like a food processor would.

For Auto IQ, the BL491 has the following preset buttons: 1) Extract 2) Blend 3) Chop & 4) Smooth Boost. The BL491 also has control buttons for Pulse, Low, and Start/stop.

Example Recipe Using Ninja Auto-iQ Chop Feature

The Nutri Ninja BL491 comes with:

  • 24oz  stainless steel cup
  • 24oz Tritan smoothie jar
  • 40 oz Blend and Prep Bowl
  • 48 oz XL Multi-serve pitcher
  • 1 Pro extractor blade
  • 1 chopping blade
  • 1 Dough Hook
  • Guide and recipe book

You would make smoothies using the pro extractor blade with either the single serve 24oz jars or the multi-serve 48oz pitcher.

Here is a video showing a smoothie being made with the 48oz XL multi-serve pitcher than comes with the BL491.

The blend and prep bowl is used with the chopping blade for food processing and or the dough blade to make bread doughs.

Watch video below to how to make pizza dough using the dough hook with the blend and prep bowl.

Positives: The blend and prep bowl with special attachments provide some unique capabilities for a blender. The Auto-iQ functions work pretty well with no problem making smoothies with its 1200 watt motor. The versatility of this compact blender make this a unique choice.

Negatives: The 48oz jar had some mixed feedback on its ability to blend but that can also depend on what ingredients you are using.  CNET liked the BL491 gave bad reviews on the 48oz container because of the design(narrow at bottom and wide at top). Overall for reviews I found that the 48oz works if you are using recipes with enough liquid but it not perfect. I did read that users has no problem making ice cream or smoothies with the 48oz jar. For the size of this blender don’t expect it compete in blending power with a larger, high speed blender but it isn’t bad. (NOTE – The BL494 model that I review below provides a solution to this by removing the 48oz container and replacing it with the popular 72oz jar Total Crushing blade).

Overall Opinion: Overall the BL491 is a versatile compact blender with many features. It is priced just above popular personal blender of similar strength but is still less than many countertop blenders. The shorter container and more “compact size” of the BL491 make it perfect for people who don’t want a large countertop blender but like having the the strength of the 1200 watt motor to make smoothies, blend larger drinks, and do some kitchen food prep. The blend and prep bowl can replace the need for a small food processor. (If comparing BL491 versus BL492 then see BL492 review below).

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Nutri Ninja BL492 Review

Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Compact System BL492 review The last model to review in the Ninja Compact System line is the Ninja BL492.

When comparing the Ninja BL491 vs BL492 there isn’t much difference.

The BL492 also comes with a 1200 watt motor and same four Auto-iQ programs as BL491 (Smooth Boost, Extract, Blend, Chop) as well as button for pulse and low speed.

SIDE NOTE: It actually took me some time to figure out the difference between the BL491 vs BL492 vs BL492w as there is some misinformation online where people were saying these models had different motors and different Auto iQ buttons. I downloaded the Owner manuals for each model from Ninja and then asked the company.

The manuals and company confirmed that the BL491 / BL492 / BL493Z / BL492w are the SAME exact blender base with same Auto-iQ and same 1200 watt motor. The only difference is accessories.

The main difference is that the BL491 comes with the 48oz XL Multiserve pitcher and the BL492 / BL492w does not. The BL494 is similar to the BL491 but uses the popular 72oz Total Crushing blade jar package instead of the 48oz pitcher. When comparing the BL492 vs BL492w vs BL493Z, the only difference is the BL492 adds has two 24oz Triton jars and the BL492 has one.  The BL492w is specifically created for Walmart(hence the “W” in the model #) and has one less 24oz Nutri Ninja jar than the BL492. The BL493z is exclusive for and is like the BL492 but the BL493z adds both a 18oz and 32oz Tritan Nutri Ninja cups and removes the 24oz Nutri Ninja cup.

Overall Opinion: The BL492 is the same as the BL491 but the BL492 does not have the 48oz Multiserve pitcher. Instead the BL492 adds an extra 24oz Triton single serve blending jar so you get two.

As I mentioned in the BL491 review, the 48oz multiserve pitcher had mixed reviews for how it blended. I think it would work find if you used recipes with enough liquids like the video above that showed using the 48oz pitcher.

I will leave it up to you to decide on BL491 vs BL492 if you want the 48oz Multiserve pitcher or the extra 24oz Triton jar. The price for the two blenders are pretty close in price. The BL492 is the best selling among the models but I really like BL493z model on Amazon because I prefer the combination of the 18oz jar and 32oz rather than the two 24oz jars.

Click here for BL492 Current Price


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Ninja Kitchen System with Auto-iQ Boost BL494 Review

Ninja Kitchen System BL494 ReviewThe BL494 is the newest model to the Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Compact System series (Models: BL490 / BL491 / BL492 / BL492W). The BL494 has the same 1200 motor as other BL490 series blenders but it slightly varies the look of the controls and has accessories. It is most similar to the BL491 model.

The BL494 features Auto-IQ with boost technology which is Ninja’s pre-programmed settings. As discussed earlier, the Auto-IQ system is a timer that estimates how long to blend based on the program chosen. The programs provided on the BL494 are Puree / Mix Dough / Extract / Smoothie / Frozen Drink.

The “Boost” button in the middle allows you to increase the blending consistency and only works with the AutoIQ programs . For an overview of Ninja’s Auto-IQ/Boost functions watch this video I posted earlier under the BL487 series.

The Nutri Ninja BL494 comes with:

  • 72 oz. (64 oz. max liquid capacity) Blender Pitcher with Total Crushing blade allows you to crush ice and blend larger quantities.
  • 40 oz. Blend & Prep Bowl for meal prep, chopping, and dough making
  • Two 24oz BPA-Free Tritan Nutri Ninja cups with lids.
  • 1 Pro Extractor blade to use with the Nutri Ninja cups.
  • 1 Chopping blade and 1 dough blade.
  • Guide and recipe book

The BL494 is closest in accessories to the BL491 as they both have the same motor and essentially similar controls, but the BL494 adds the 72oz pitcher with total crushing blade which is very popular on their full-size countertop blenders (See “Ninja Total Crushing Product Line“).

Removing the 48oz Multi-serve pitcher is a good thing because as I wrote in BL491 review, the 48oz pitcher has mixed reviews on its ability to blend and the Total crushing blade/pitcher that comes with the BL494 is a better, proven replacement.

Overall Opinion: The Ninja Kitchen System BL494 is that it is a great choice if you want an all-in-one compact blender and food prep appliance. I think the company was very smart in introducing this model with the total crushing blade and removing the 48oz Multi-serve jar.

Click Here for Current Price on Ninja BL494

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Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO with Auto-iQ Boost Review

Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO with Auto iQ Boost Review Models NN100-NN101-NN102The Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO with Auto-iQ Boost includes the models: NN100 / NN100A / NN101 / NN102. With Nutri Bowl DUO line you get a 1200 watt motor blender base with new Auto-iQ functions and different blade assemblies from prior Auto-iQ product lines.

The main difference with this Auto-iQ DUO line is it is marketed to do both:

  1. “Nutrient Extractions” which just means you use the extractor blade with jars to make blended drinks and healthy smoothies.
  2. “Nutrient Fusions” which is Ninja’s food processor accessory to chop, mix, and make doughs.

In other words, the Nutri Bowl DUO blender works both as a personal blender and as a food processor for more capabilities.

The Auto iQ programs for this Nutri Bowl DUO blender line are: 

  1. Smoothie
  2. Extract”
  3. Fusion” Mix
  4. Fusion Chop
  5. Fusion Dough

Ninja NN100(and NN100A) includes: 1200 Watt Base, 2x 24oz Tritan Nutri Ninja Cups with lids, Pro extractor blade, Nutri Bowl(4 cup capacity= approx 320z), Dough Blade, Precision Prep Blade, 35 Recipe cookbook.

In comparing the Ninja NN100 vs NN101 vs NN102, the blenders packages are almost exactly the same except the NN101 adds a 32oz Tritan Cup and the NN102 just has a bigger, 74 recipe book.

Positives: The Ninja Bowl DUO series are convenient if you want a compact personal blender that can make smoothies as well as do some quick food processing so you don’t need a separate food processor. (As a comparison, a popular Cuisinart Mini Prep food processor with the same 4cup capacity only has 250watts and costs about $40.) Powerful blender for the size and user reviews say that the Auto-iQ programs do a good job.

Negatives: The main negative is that the food processor isn’t big so it is only for small food processing jobs. Also, the NN100 and NN102 both only come with 24oz jar and I prefer the 32oz jar to hold a larger amount of raw ingredients for larger meal replacement portions.

A 24oz jar isn’t bad but it might only blend down to about 10-12 ounces on average of smoothie drink. Some people complained that the Ninja DUO is loud but it is the same loudness as other blender with comparable motor power.

Overall Opinion: The Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo line is useful if you want the blending and small food prep capabilities in one device. Overall, customers have strong reviews on it, but……..

If you just want a blender to make smoothies then you could probably be fine with BL482. If you like the idea of a blender and food processor then I would pick the BL492 instead(See BL492 review above).

The Ninja BL492 is about same price as the NN100-NN102 series and and the BL492 has larger 40oz blend and prep bowl that does essentially the same thing as the DUO bowl . The “Fusion” Auto-iQ programs on the NN100 series are similar to the NN492.

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Auto-IQ Full-size Countertop Models

So far I have reviewed all of the compact size blender models in the Ninja Auto-iQ product line. Now I will get into the full-size Nutri Ninja Auto iQ Countertop Models.

  • Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo with Auto iQ (Models: BL640 /BL641 / BL642 / BL642W / BL642Z)
  • Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender System with Auto iQ (Models: BL680A /BL682)
  • Nutri Ninja Ninja BlendMax Duo with Auto iQ Boost (Models: BL2012 / BL2013)

Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo with Auto iQ (BL640-642)

Nutri Ninja Blender Duo Auto iQ BL642 ReviewThe Nutri Ninja blender DUO with Auto iQ is a full-size countertop blender with Auto iQ programming.  This blender line includes the following models: BL640 /BL641 / BL642 / BL642W / BL642Z

This product line is probably the most popular Ninja countertop blender because of its features set and price point.

The models range in motor power from 1300 watts to 1500 watt with RPM of 24,00 and 2 horsepower. With this power they can purify pretty much anything you put into it.


When comparing the BL640 vs BL641 vs BL642 vs BL642W vs BL642z the only differences are motor strength and accessories.

The BL640 / BL641 models have 1300 watts and BL642 / BL642W / BL642Z offer slightly higher strength with 1500 watts. Besides the motor the only difference between models is the different container sizes.

The BL642W is the same as the BL642 but BL642w comes with some silicone sleeves that go over the jars and aren’t really worth the extra price in my opinion. The common comparison is the BL642 vs BL642Z because they have different jar sizes which I list farther down.

All Duo with Auto-iQ blender models in this product line come with the 72 oz pitcher, 1 pro extractor blade, and 1 total crushing blade. The extractor blade is similar to a conventional blender blade and ideal for smoothies and puree.

The total crushing blade is a tall blade with a series of blades running up it and is intended for blending, crushing ice and hard ingredients.

All models have 1 speed plus pulse and 5 Auto IQ programs. The manual speed function has 3 timed settings

The Ninja Duo models vary in pitchers that are included:

  • BL 640 comes with: 1 72oz pitcher / 1 24oz jar
  • BL 641 comes with: 1 72oz pitcher / 1 32oz jar  / 1 24oz jar
  • BL 642 & BL642W comes with: 1 72oz Pitcher / 1 32oz jar / 1 24oz jar / 1 18oz jar
  • BL 642Z comes with: 1 72oz Pitcher / 1 32oz jar / 2x 24oz jar

The Auto IQ technology preset functions:

  1. Ultra Blend – Frozen fruit and ice, kale and carrots, nuts and seeds
  2. Blend – For soft ingredients like fresh fruit, leafy greens, and yogurt
  3. Frozen Drinks/Smoothies: for use with total crushing blades to make frozen drinks, frozen desserts, milkshakes, and certain smoothies
  4. Puree: for use with total crushing blades to make sauces, dips and soups.

NOTE – All models in this product line have the same Auto-iQ functions. Not every AutoIQ function works for every jar. When you install a jar on the blender, the available functions will light up on the control board to show you which Auto IQ function you can us with that specific jar.


The Ninja Blender DUO is easy to use. You use the 72oz pitcher with the total crushing blade for crushing ice, frozen drinks or pureeing large batches like soups.

For smoothies you would use one of the jars with the screw on extractor blade and use one of the preset functions to blend. You can use the pulse function to chop up fruits and vegetables for use in salads or dips like salsa.

Positives: The blender has plenty of power to make smoothies using the extractor blade and the large pitcher is nice for making frozen drinks and puree large amount of ingredients. It is a solid blender with very high customer feedback and many people like the range of blades, jars, and Auto IQ functions.

For performance, the tests and reviews are pretty universal in that the Duo blenders do a good job blending and pureeing most ingredients that you would use in smoothies and milkshakes.

Negatives: There are some complaints from users that their blender stopped working in the 1st year but the company is very responsive at addressing any dissatisfied customers(even on Amazon they reply to all complaints). Based on the amount of Ninja Duo blenders sold it doesn’t seem that issues with a non-working blender is very common. Doesn’t have a range of variable speeds like some other brands or  higher-end blenders like Vitamix. Doesn’t have a tamper and might struggle evenly blending some ingredients using the total crushing blade.

Conclusion: Overall, the Ninja Duo blender BL640-BL642 series is a solid blender with ample power to make any smoothie and has the nice bonus of a large container with special blade to handle ice and frozen ingredients. The consumer ratings on this blender are very high and users say it has no problem blending commonly difficult ingredients like carrots, nuts, frozen fruits and seeds. The total crushing blade will work better with recipes using liquid like smoothies but can be less efficient with some dry ingredients because of blade design. If you plan on doing a lot of food prep and dry ingredients then you might also consider the new Ninja Chef blender which has a tamper and traditional blade.

The best deal and more popular model in this product line is the BL642 because of its features and price.

Click Here for Current Price on the Popular Ninja Duo BL642 Blender

SIDE NOTE- IF you just want to make personal-size smoothies and are not interested in the total crushing functionality and large 72oz pitcher, then consider the cheaper Ninja personal blender line Model BL482. The BL482 has a smaller(but still powerful) 1000 watts and uses the same extraction blade and jars or another comparable option is the Nutribullet personal blender.

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Nutri Ninja Blender System with Auto IQ BL682 Review

Nutri Ninja Blender System Auto iQ BL680-BL682 ReviewThe Ninja blender system BL682 is the same base as the BL642 with 1500 watt motor and same controls. The main difference with the BL682 is that is is marketed as a “Blender System” in that it includes a chopping blade, dough hook, and recipe book.  (Sidenote- some retailers sell Ninja BL680A and BL682z which are both the same as the BL682).

The main difference in the BL682 vs BL642 is the BL682 accessory kit. The BL682 accessories provide more versatility like making bread dough, heavier food processing task like nut butters, and more food prep tasks.

Positives: Same positives as the BL642 above which is a solid blender and powerful enough for most people. The BL682 has some nice accessories that allow for more functionality than what a typical blender offers.

Negatives: Some customers complained of the blender breaking in the 1st year but the company seems pretty responsive to help. Ninja does use some plastic parts so if you are going to be a heavy user of the BL682 to make other things like nut butters, bread, heavy food processing then you might not get the life expectancy that you would get with something like a Vitamix (See my Vitamix review).

A minor negative for some people is that the Ninja pulse function only has one speed setting. Also, it is kind of loud but I wouldn’t say Ninja blender are any louder than other comparable strength blenders.

Conclusion: The Ninja BL682 is a decent blender at current prices. Good Housekeeping rated it 3 out of 5 stars because it only did moderately well at making milkshakes and pureeing soups. The BL682 has continually been a strong selling blender on with very high reviews and very little customer complaints.

Overall, the BL682 offers nice functionality and accessories for the price. Amazon has it much cheaper than buying direct from company.

Click Here for Ninja Blender System BL682 Current Price

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Nutri Ninja Ninja BlendMax Duo Review

Nutri Ninja Blendmax DUO with Auto iq Boost Review Models BL2012-BL2013The Ninja BlendMax Duo 1600 with Auto iQ Boost includes product models BL2012 and BL2013. The Ninja Blendmax models are advertised as the largest and fastest blender from Ninja with 1600 watts of power to compete with other high-powered blender brands.

Ninja tries to differentiate the Blendmax DUO from other brands by packaging this blender with accessories to do both full-size blending as well as personal-smoothie size extraction.

You can switch between the 88oz full size total crushing pitcher or the smaller Ninja jars with Extraction blades.

BL2012 vs BL2013

  • Ninja BL2012 comes with 1600 watt base, 88oz Total Crushing Pitcher, 2x 24oz Tritan jars with lids, extractor blade, total crushing blade, and 75recipe cookbook.
  • Ninja BL2013 is the same blender as the BL2012 but the only difference in accessories is the BL2013 comes comes with an 18oz jar and smaller recipe book.

Positives: The Ninja 1600 Blendmax blenders are pretty powerful and probably a good fit for people who want to make a lot of smoothies and want the large capacity. This blender is comparable in power to other high speed blenders. If you just want to blend and make smoothies and frozen drinks then this is good model. Reviewers said it blends better than other competing brands with similar power like Kitchenaid.

Negatives: I saw some people trying to compare this blender to a Vitamix but it doesn’t perform to Vitamix standards when it comes to more difficult blending tasks like making nut butters and heavier blender jobs. Also, it is big like other high powered blenders so it won’t fit under a kitchen cabinet.

Overall Opinion: The Ninja Blendmax Duo is a full powered blender for smoothies and blending but don’t expect it to perform exactly like a Vitamix. The Auto-iQ programs and Dual capability make the Blendmax a good blender for the money. If you want lower-cost blender with similar capability with slightly less performance then consider the popular Ninja BL642. If you want a similar power blender with full food processing(but no Auto-IQ) then consider the Ninja Mega Kitchen System(review is farther down)

Click Here for Ninja Blendmax 1600 Current Price

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2. Nutri Ninja Series

The Nutri Ninja Series is their introductory personal blender line with various entry-level models. This includes:

  • Nutri Ninja Pro (Models: BL450/ BL451 / BL455 / BL456)
  • Ninja Kitchen System Pulse (Model BL200)
  • Nutri Ninja 2-in-1 (Models: QB3000 / QB3004 / QB3005)
  • Ninja Fit (Model: QB3000SSW)

All of these blender models in this series are small, personal blenders with no Auto-IQ. There are really intended to be the most basic, budget friendly models.

Nutri Ninja Pro Review (Models: BL450/ BL451 / BL455 / BL456)

Nutri Ninja Pro BL450 reviewI wrote about the Nutri Ninja Pro product line in another post when I was comparing them to the popular Nutribullet.

Overall the Nutri Ninja Pro are nice little blenders. Here is how the BL450 vs BL451 vs BL455 vs BL456 models in this product line compare:

  • BL450: 900 watt motor, 1 24oz jar, 1 18oz jar, lids, extractor blade
  • BL451: 900 watt motor, 1 24oz jar, 1 18oz jar, 1 12oz jar, lids, extractor blade
  • BL455: 1,000 watt motor, 1 24oz jar, 1 18oz jar, 1 12oz jar, lids, extractor blade
  • BL456: 900 watt Motor, 1 24oz jar, 18oz jar, extractor blade, lids, larger recipe book

Positives: The Nutri Ninja Pro blender is a good little personal blender that is simplistic and does the job with strong motor. It has VERY good reviews and well priced vs. other personal blenders that have this same power.

Negatives: Have to manually hold the blender during the blending process. The 24oz container can be on the small size and would be nice to have a larger 32oz container since this series has a 900-1000 watts of power.

Overall Opinion: A nice powerful personal blender. I personally like the Nutribullet  because of its hands free blending but the popularNutri Ninja Auto IQ if you can find it at a better price.

I would go with the BL456 model(which replaced the BL450) and has a larger recipe book. (The BL450 is fine if you find it for sale but the BL456 is newer for the same price and better recipe book). I don’t see the point in getting the BL451 or BL455 just to get small containers as 24oz is about as small as you can go to hold enough raw ingredients to make a personal smoothie. The small containers are useful for tasks like grinding seeds, making nut butters, and grinding coffee beans. Ninja upgraded this product line with the BL480 series where they added Auto-IQ technology(see BL480 review farther up in this article).

Click Here for Nutri Ninja BL456 Current Pricing

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Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Review

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse ReviewThe Ninja Kitchen System Pulse includes Model BL200,  BL201, and BL204. This product varies from the popular BL450 and BL480 series as the Pulse System doesn’t have an extraction blade but rather comes with a 40oz processor bowl and slicing/shredding disc. It is advertised as being able to crush ice, blend, juice, and work as a food processor.

The Kitchen System Pulse blender has interchangeable tools so that you make smoothies, chop food, and knead dough. It comes with:

  • 550 watt motor with pulse technology
  • 40 ounce bowl (5 cups)
  • Total Crushing Blade, Dough Hook, & Dough Paddle
  • 2 16oz single serve drinking cups

This blender line uses their pulse technology so there are no speed adjustment controls and no Auto iQ. The pulse technology does as the name describes in that it pulses rather than blends. You hold the blender jar in place for as long as you want it to blend.

You use the total crushing blade in the 40oz container and the 4 prong blade for the single serving cups. The 40oz containers come with 2 lids where one lid is for storage and the other lid has the built-in pulse blade.

When comparing the BL200 vs BL201 vs B204 the differences are :

  • BL201 has 550 watts and BL204 has 700 watts
  • BL201 comes with 2 Nutri Ninja Cups and BL204 has 3 Nutri Ninja Cups
Ninja Kitchen System Pulse Examples:

Kitchen System Pulse Review Summary

Positives: Affordable price and compact size for a personal blender. Unique accessory set for blenders in this price range. It crushes ice very well and works great for making frozen drinks. Works fine as a simple food processor for chopping vegetables or grinding seeds, nuts, or coffee beans.

Negatives: The 550 watt motor won’t blend smoothies as well as other personal blenders that have more powerful motors in this same price range. Some reviewers said it struggled blending fibrous leafy greens like kale. Also, you have to hold the blender container down to make it blend during the entire blending cycle.

The Ninja pulse blender only comes with a 16oz container because of the 550watt motor so the smoothie portions will be smaller than other personal blenders which can handle larger containers. I would prefer at least a 24oz jar to hold enough raw ingredients to make 12-16oz of smoothie. Although, reviewers didn’t have a problem with the Kitchen Pulse container size.

The dough function seems like a good idea but some users mentioned that the the bowl is too narrow to mix the ingredients thoroughly. Keep in mind that kneading dough can require a lot of horsepower so the 550w motor seems on the small side for this function.

Overall Opinion: I read a lot of BL201 Ninja blender reviews to see if this blender can really handle the various tasks well with only a 550w motor, but it seems most people were happy with the results that this blender can produce especially for the price(It has come down in price since it was originally launched). Overall, the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse has strong reviews and is OK for the price but the reviews from users seem kind of mixed on its ability to blend smoothies well which I would expect for the motor strength.

There are a lot less customers who seem to have used the Ninja Pulse dough making function. I did search through a lot of user reviews about how the Ninja BL201 did with making dough and the reviews were generally mixed with some saying it made pizza dough well and some saying it struggled. I think some reviewers who make dough are used to using larger kitchen appliances which have more power and capacity and were trying to compare those appliances to the BL201 which is a little unfair of a comparison.

OVERALL, If you are buying the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse to make green smoothies then it is isn’t bad you would might also look at the Nutri Ninja BL456, Nutri Ninja Auto IQ personal blender, or Nutribullet Pro (see Nutribullet vs Ninja review) for smoothies because these blenders have at least 900 watts of power and a different blade type that blends smoothies better.

If you just want a blender to make protein shakes or simple smoothies, frozen drinks, and basic food processing then the Ninja Kitchen pulse would be fine and hard to beat for the price and capabilities.

It might not puree some smoothie ingredients as well as other blenders but not bad. In summary, for the price the Ninja Kitchen pulse is pretty good but most reviewers seem to just use it for blending smoothies and crushing ice.

Click here for Ninja BL201 Current Pricing

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Nutri Ninja 2-in-1 Review

Nutri Ninja 2-in-1 Review Models QBQB3004The Nutri Ninja2-in-1 blender line includes models: QB3000 (or QB3000QBK) / QB3004 / QB3005. This product uses a “power pod” which is the blender base that works with either the 16oz Nutri Ninja cups or the 40oz processor bowl.

The 16oz Ninja cups are for making smoothies which the company likes to call “Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction”. The 40oz processor bowl is advertised as being able to crush ice, mix, grate, grind, and make dough.

The base model QB3000 comes with:

  • 700watt blender base
  • 40oz processor bowl with storage lid
  • Two 16oz Nutri Ninja Cups with lids (BPA Free)
  • 1 dough blade
  • 1 DOUBLE dough blade
  • 1 4 blade set (for crushing and dicing in 40oz bowl)
  • 1 Extractor blade for Nutri Ninja cups

In comparing the QB3000 vs QB3004 vs QB3005, all models come with the above accessories but the differences are:

  • QB3004 adds a 56oz XL pitcher for making frozen drinks and crushing ice.
  • QB3005 adds an extra 16oz Nutri Ninja Jar(3 total) but does not have the 56oz XL pitcher that the QB3004 has.

Positives: The Ninja 2-in-1 Complete Meal Prep Blender reviews from owners are overall positive and people like having the dual functionality of a smoothie blender and food processor. With 700watt motor, customers mentioned they had NO problem using the Ninja 2-in-1 food processor to make salsa, cold soup prep(not hot soup), cookie dough, and flours. Does a decent job making smoothies but can struggle a little bit pureeing hard ingredients.

Negatives: Not a whole lot of negatives with this product but it it geared for smaller batches. My biggest issue for smoothies is the 16oz cups are SMALL which makes it difficult to fit enough raw ingredients in the jar to make a large enough personal smoothie (I prefer the 24oz cup minimum) This is a great choice if you just want one appliance to use as a mixer, small food processor and personal blender.

Overall Opinion: The Nutri Ninja 2 in 1 is a handy little device with very good overall customer reviews(I checked reviews at multiple retailers). It is powerful enough for most people but is a little weaker than other similar priced personal blenders. I would go with the QB3004 vs QB3005 because I would rather have the 56oz XL pitcher that comes with the QB3004 than another small 16oz Nutri Ninja jar. I like the Ninja 2 in 1 better than the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse 2-in-1 that I reviewed above.

Click Here for Ninja 2 in 1 QB3004 Pricing

Side note: IF you want more power and more features than the Ninja 2-in-1, then consider the Nutri Ninja Bowl Duo that has a more powerful 1200 watt motor, additional food prep features, and larger 24oz smoothie cups.

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Ninja Fit Review (Model: QB3000SSW)

Ninja Fit Blender Review QB3000SSWThe Ninja Fit model QB3000SSW /  QB3000SS is simply the Ninja 2 in 1 blender reviewed above but without the food processing accessories. The Ninja fit is a the same 700 watt blender with two 16 oz Nutri Ninja Cup and a 30 recipe Inspiration book.

Positives: It is CHEAP and good for someone who wants a compact, simple personal blender. It would be good as a compact travel blender and can easily make protein shakes and small smoothies.

Negatives: For the price it is decent. For making healthy smoothies I prefer a larger cup than 16oz to hold enough raw ingredients.

Overall Opinion: The Ninja Fit is fine as a low cost compact personal blender for making simple smoothies and workout drinks.

IF you want more power with larger cups then you can pay a little more for the popular Ninja BL456.

Click Here for Ninja Fit current pricing

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3. Ninja Total Crushing Product Line

The Ninja Total Crushing Blender line is their line of full-size blender. There are 4 main blenders:

  • Ninja Professional Blender (Models: BL610 / BL660 / BL663 / BL665 / BL740 / NJ600)
  • Ninja Kitchen System (Models: BL700 / NJ602 / NJ602CO )
  • Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 (Models: BL770 / BL771 / BL773CO)
  • Ninja Supra Kitchen System (Model: BL780)

Ninja Professional Blender Review

Ninja Professional Blender Review- BL610-BL660-BL665-BL740-NJ600The Ninja Professional Blender is the most popular countertop blender from Ninja and includes blender models BL610 / BL660 / BL663 / BL665 / BL740 / NJ600. It also have variations for retailers like BL663CO for Costco and BL665Q for QVC. QVC calls it the Ninja XL Professional Blender 1100.

The Ninja Professional blender is Ninja’s mainstream, affordable countertop blender but it uses the total crushing blade which is different from the typical blender blade or extraction blade used in their Nutri Ninja blenders.

The total crushing blade is unique for any other brand on the market as it uses a series of blades running up the inside the pitcher rather than just a blade at the bottom. This is supposed to pulse and blend the ingredients better.

With this blender line you can make nut butters, grind flours, make frozen drinks with crushed ice, puree soups and whatever else you need with a blender.

The Ninja Professional Blender models are very similar with slight differences:

  • NJ600 includes: 1000 watt blender, 72oz XL pitcher with total crushing blade and lid.
  • BL610 includes 1000 watt blender, 72oz XL pitcher with total crushing blade and lid.
  • BL660 includes: 1100 Watts base, 72oz XL pitcher with total crushing blade and lid, two 16oz Nutri Ninja Cups with 1 single-serve blade.
  • BL663 includes: same as BL660 above but with one more Nutri Ninja cup.
  • BL665 includes: same as BL660 above but with food processor accessory.
  • BL740 includes: same as BL660 above but “Commercial” grade and bulkier.

In other words the NJ600 / BL610 are base models(with no single serve cups/blade), then the BL660 is slightly stronger and includes the single serve cups with blade, and the BL740 is the same as the BL660 but is labeled as “Professional” because it is a little more “beefier” and commercial looking than BL660.

Ninja BL610 vs NJ600: The BL610 and NJ600 professional blenders have the same motor and are essentially the same except for looks.

Ninja Professional Blender controls

All the models in this product line have the same controls except the BL660 and BL740 which have the single serve button for use with Nutri Ninja cups.

  • Speed 1: Processing and Mixing (Use for mixing thin batters, puree cooked foods and uncooked vegetables and fruits, make dips and salsa.
  • Speed 2: Blending (Grind nuts, blend drinks, make milkshakes, grate hard cheeses, cream soups, crush ice, make slushies).
  • Speed 3: Liquify and Puree (Puree smoothies and liquefy ingredients. Blend whole fruits and vegetables).
  • Pulse: Manually control chopping/food processing
  • Single Serve(BL660/BL740) : To make Single Serve drinks using Nutri Ninja cups.
Ninja Pro Performance

The user reviews are pretty good about the performance of the Professional blender line especially for the price vs other blender in this category.

The video below is a test of the popular NJ600 model. The testers found that the NJ600 model did a a good job with crushing ice, chopping vegetables and whole almonds, frozen drinks, and making smoothies. The Ninja did not do well making salsa.

Below is a Ninja BL660 Review video using the blender to puree carrots and chop ice which are two common types of blender tests to see how it can handle hard ingredients. The BL660 with its 1100 watt motor performed well in the tests.

Positives: The Ninja professional line is a powerful blender line that competes with other blender brands in this price range. It continues to be a best seller in the market because people like its unique Total Crushing blade. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Large 72 oz pitcher. It seems to handle most everyday blending needs and people really like the Nutri Ninja cups for making small blended drinks(Nutri Ninja cups with blade don’t come with NJ600 or BL610 models).

Negatives: The pitcher and lid can be kind of a pain to get on but once you get used to it, it isn’t bad(Watch the BL660 review above to see how the locking lid works). There are some tests that found the Ninja pro struggled in blending fibrous green vegetables like kale because of it’s Total Crushing blade design but overall it blends well. (To be fair though some tests were comparing the Ninja vs Vitamix which is in different price points). One other potential negative with the Ninja professional blender is it has some plastic gears so there was some mention of concern over long-term longevity but there were not any common complaints about it breaking.

Overall Opinion: The consumer reviews for the Ninja Professional blender are positive and it is a decent blender for the price. It will work well for blending and basic food prep.

The total crushing blade creates a different blending action in that is pulses the contents up and down vs. traditional blender that pulls the ingredients down creating a vortex to the blade.This difference in blade technology caused some reviewers to state that the Ninja professional is great for chopping but didn’t perform as well in pureeing fibrous vegetables for smoothies as some other high-speed blenders. Although, America Test Kitchen had good results making smoothies with the Ninja Pro blender.

If you get the Ninja Professional blender with Single Serve jars (Models: BL660 / BL663 / BL665 / BL740) then you can make excellent blended personal size smoothies.

In summary, the Ninja Professional Series blenders are powerful enough and work well for most people. If you are on a budget then the Ninja Professional 1000 (BL610) is the lowest priced and top selling model. (Update- October 2017 – the NJ600 is the same as the BL610 but the NJ600 was recently discontinued)

If you want to make personal smoothies a lot then I would go with the top-selling BL660 model ” aka Ninja Pro 1100″ in this product line which includes the Nutri Ninja cups and blending blade. If you want more of a workhorse blender then consider a more expensive Vitamix.

Get Current Pricing on Ninja BL610 & BL660 which are my 2 choices for Ninja Pro models.

Note about Ninja Professional Recall: Ninja did a large recall of the BL660, BL663, BL665 to revise the instructions on how to use it because people can cut themselves on the total crushing blade. You are supposed to either remove the blade before pouring or use the lid with blade inside to pour out the contents first. The issue was about people trying to pour the contents out without the lid and the blade falling out and cutting people.

Click Here for Ninja Professional Blender BL660 Current Price

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Ninja Kitchen System Review (Models: BL700 / NJ602 )

Ninja Kitchen System Review BL700-NJ602The Ninja Kitchen System blender includes models BL700 / NJ602 / NJ602CO. This blender line is also called the Ninja Kitchen System 1200 which is confusing because the BL700 and NJ602 have 1100 watt motors not 1200 watts.

Essentially the Ninja Kitchen System is the the same as the BL660 Professional Series 1100 blender that I reviewed above but adds in some extra accessories for food prep and making dough.

The Ninja Kitchen System comes with:

  • 1100 watt blender
  • 72 oz pitcher
  • 40 oz food processing bowl with blade and lid.
  • Total Crushing 6 blade for use with 72oz pitcher
  • Dough Hook for making doughs for pizza, biscuits, breads, and pretzels.
  • Dough Paddle for making cookie dough, batters, and egg mix recipes.

Comparing Difference in BL700 vs NJ602 Models:

  • The BL700 has different design on the bottom with visible suction cups vs. the NJ602 has a black molding to hid the suction cups.
  • NJ602 has a cookbook and the BL700 does not.
  • NJ602 also comes with a whisk attachment and BL700 does not.

Here is the video advertisement for the Ninja Kitchen System

Wow, that video makes some bold claims about replacing 4 appliances and being able to blend anything you put into it.

Well, I researched the reviews and since this product has been on the market for over 5 years there were some useful reviews of users who have had it for a while. Here is my conclusion:

Positives: The Ninja Kitchen System seems fine to use as a blender for blending, chopping, food prep, crushing ice, and easier dough making recipes. Some reviews said the dough accessories were hard to use for thicker doughs like breads. The company states it can make up to 1.5 pounds of dough using the dough hook or dough paddle. From the reviews I read it seemed to do well with cookie dough, pizza dough, and mixing batters(like pancakes). I also read it did well in blending hummus which some blenders have a hard time with.

Good Housekeeping tested the Ninja Kitchen System and gave it a positive overall review as a blender saying that is performed well making smoothies, chopping onions, crushing ice, grinding coffee beans, and making small batches of pizza dough. It didn’t do as well at making salsa.

Negatives: The Total crushing blade that you use in the 72oz pitcher has mixed results in its ability to blend fibrous ingredients like kale when making green smoothies. (I mentioned this as an issue in the Ninja Professional Blender review above). There are also some comments that this blender does a mediocre job at chopping veggies in that the blades will slap the ingredients against the side of the container and cause some uneven chopping.

It seems to fine at making simple doughs and batters but don’t expect it to replace a countertop mixer like a Kitchenaid stand mixer. Also, it is worth pointing out that this blender line is NOT compatible with the popular Nutri Ninja cups/blade from other Ninja blender models.

Although I didn’t see this mentioned much, I do not like how the food processor bowl with this blender is square. Typically a food processor has a round bowl because it works better. With a square bowl, the ingredients can get stuck in the corners. Again, I didn’t see people complain about it and tests didn’t say it was an issue but I would prefer the Ninja Mega Kitchen Model below which has a larger ROUND food processor bowl.

Overall Opinion: In summary, the Ninja Kitchen System is probably useful if you don’t have a stand mixer or food processor and you want to make use of the Ninja for basic food prep and mixing.

Essentially with this product you are getting a strong blender, an acceptable food chopper, and a reasonably OK dough mixer.

For the price, the Ninja Kitchen System it is a good value if you find that you will be using all the accessories. Realize that it won’t do everything perfectly but it does pretty good in replace of having multiple kitchen appliances to do the same tasks. If deciding on a model, they are essentially the same but the NJ602 is slightly more because it has a cookbook and whisk attachment.

If you just want the blender without the kitchen prep accessories then I like the Ninja Professional BL660 which has both the blending pitcher as well as the personal size Nutri Ninja cups/blade. If you want both the kitchen prep and Nutri Ninja single serve fucntions then consider the more powerful Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 (review below) which is a more robust blender compared to the Kitchen System.

See Current Pricing for the 2 Ninja Kitchen System Models: BL700 & NJ602

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Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Review

Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 Review BL770co-BL772-BL773The Ninja Mega Kitchen System was introduced in 20012 and includes the Models: BL770 / BL771 / BL772 / BL773CO and also referred to as the the Ninja 1500 because these blender models have 2 HP, 1500 watt motors.

The Ninja 1500 Mega System was introduced as Ninja’s most powerful blender as a step up in power from their 1200 watt Kitchen System blender line.The higher power of the Mega blender line allows it to handle a larger pitcher size and larger food processor bowl. The company claims the Mega Kitchen system food processor can do 2 pounds of dough in 30 seconds.

How to use the Mega Kitchen Containers

  • The 72oz pitcher is for making large capacity drinks, crushing ice, and large blending jobs.
  • The 64oz food processor bowl has multiple blade attachments where you can do chopping, food processing, mixing, dough making, and simple meal prep.
  • 16oz Nutri Ninja cups are to be used with the Nutri Ninja extractor blade to make personal smoothies, milkshakes, salad dressing, nut butters, grind spices and small meal prep like a typical personal blender.
  • The Mini Meal Prep Bowl(not with the BL771) fits inside the 64oz processor bowl and uses for chopping, puree, and meal prep smaller amounts so you don’t need to use the larger 64oz bowl for everything.

The Ninja Mega blender has 4 speed functions (1. Dough, 2. Blend, 3. Crush, 4. Single serve[for use with Nutri Ninja cups]) that are are labeled for easy reference and also has a “Pulse” button for chopping. TIP – The Single serve button just does pulse so if you want it to run continuously you have to hold down the button while its runs

BL770 vs BL771 vs BL772 vs BL773co Comparison

There seems to be a lot of confusion from consumer in comparing the different Ninja Mega Kitchen System models because retailers all call it “Ninja Mega Kitchen 1500” but they sell different models with slightly different accessories.

All the models have the same blender base but with difference accessories which I explain below.

The BL770 comes with:

  • 1500watt blender
  • XL 72oz(9 cups)Blender pitcher with Total Crushing blade and lid
  • 64oz(8 cups) Food processor bowl
  • Chopping blade and Dough hook (both used with 64oz bowl)
  • Two 16oz Nutri Ninja Cups with extractor blade

The BL770W is sold in an infomercial and is the BL770 but just adds the healthy living guide book.

The BL771 comes with everything listed for the BL770 but adds 24oz Mini Bowl.

The BL772 comes with everything listed for the BL770 but adds BOTH 3 cup Mini Bowl and an extra Nutri Ninja Cup.

The BL773CO includes everything with the BL770 above but adds Mini bowl food processor, reversible slicing/shredding disc, grating disc, and Food pusher for top of food processor bowl, and 1 extra(3 total) Nutri Ninja cup. It is also marketed as the Ninja mega complete kitchen system 1500 blender & food processor.

BL770 Review Overview

BL773co Review Overview

Ninja Kitchen Mega Performance

I researched a lot about this popular product line to see if it really performs well. Yes, it sounds great to have blending and food processing in one appliance but does it really handle making dough and food prep well ?

Well, overall users said it performed excellent and provides a good balance of power and useful accessories to give this blender high ratings. Good Housekeeping rated the BL771 4 out of 5 stars and its testing found that the blender performed well and is a good choice as an all-in-one appliance for food prep and blending.

While most reviews talk about how well this blender does crushing ice and making smoothies, I researched for tests/individual reviews about how the Ninja Mega Kitchen performed some of the other tasks like various food prep. I found specific tests that said it performed very well at:

  • Making cookie dough(can handle up to 2lbs at a time)
  • Making Cashew(or any nut) butter using the the 24oz mini food prep bowl
  • Making Rice milk in 72oz pitcher with smooth consistency.
  • Making Oat flour in either the 64oz food prep of 72oz pitcher
  • Dicing vegetables in the 64oz food prep bowl.

Positives: The Ninja Mega Kitchen System reviews from users are quite strong and does well at both blending and food processing. It has plenty of power for most people and nice accessories that you would actually use. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe jars.

I like how the larger 64oz food processor bowl that comes with this Ninja blender line is closer to more traditional size and the bowl shape is round so food doesn’t get stuck in the corners.(Whereas, the Kitchen System 1200 line uses a square food processor bowl). The added mini-bowl is a nice add-on feature(does not come with BL770). It has some nice design features like being able to lock in the suction cups so the blender doesn’t move around.

Negatives: The Nutri Ninja cups used with the Mega Kitchen System have a different base than other Nutri Ninja cups you have to get Nutri Ninja cups specifically made for the Mega Kitchen System. Other than that they really isn’t any issues that I have or that I found with this blender.

Overall Opinion: My Ninja Mega Kitchen system review found it to be a solid blender. It is intended to compete with popular, high-powered blenders like Vitamix and Blendtec with its 2HP motor. The big price difference in Ninja Mega vs Vitamix is quality. I am not saying Ninja Mega is bad quality but they use more plastic and lower cost components vs Vitamix.

Vitamix is known to last because it is all metal and lasts a very long time so you pay more for that(Also, Vitamix cost includes a full coverage 7 year warranty including wear and tear which other brands do not cover). Although, I think Ninja Mega wins out over Vitamix with the diversity of accessories that come with the Mega Kitchen blender.

In summary, The Ninja 1500 Mega is a great blender and should handle most tasks. If you want a blender and food processor all-in-one then the Mega Kitchen System is a cost effective solution. Realize though that it won’t be perfect at every task vs. a specialized appliance but it does a good job. For example, the Ninja Mega can handle a max up to 2lbs of dough making and will have to work a little harder versus a specialized mixer like the popular Kitchenaid Stand Mixer especially for heavier dough like breads.

When trying to decide on which Mega Kitchen blender model:

  • The BL770 is the base model with lowest price.
  • The BL771 is a step up with the mini prep bowl.
  • The BL773co is the full food prep set including the slicing/shredding component and feeder chute.

Click Here for Ninja Mega BL773co Current Pricing(Best Value)

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Ninja Supra (Ultra) Kitchen System Review

Ninja Ultra Kitchen System review BL780COThe final blender is in the “Total Crushing” product line is the Ninja Supra Kitchen System (Models: BL780 / BL780CO). Also called the “Ninja Ultra Kitchen System”

The Supra Kitchen system uses a 1200 watt (1.5 HP) motor and comes with:

  • 1200watt blender
  • XL 72oz(9 cups)Blender pitcher with Total Crushing blade and lid
  • 64oz(8 cups) Food processor bowl
  • Chopping blade and Dough hook (both used with 64oz bowl)
  • Two 16oz Nutri Ninja Cups with extractor blade

Ninja Supra Kitchen System vs. Mega Kitchen System

When I first saw the Ninja Supra, it looked like the same setup as the Mega Kitchen system. Well, the Supra is pretty much is the same but the Supra BL780 has a weaker 1200 watt motor.

From my research, the Ninja Supra (BL780 / BL780CO) was really created for retailers so they have a different model name to sell, but I would recommend the stronger Ninja Mega Kitchen BL770(see review above) instead of the Supra. Also the Mega Kitchen product line offers more variation in accessories.

Overall Opinion – The Ninja Supra kitchen system is OK but the 1200 watt motor can be on the weaker side to be able to handle larger jobs. I would rather have the Ninja Mega BL770 which is about same price with same functionality but stronger motor than the Ninja Supra.

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4. Ninja Ultima Series

UPDATED September 2017 – The Ninja Ultima Blender line has been discontinued. Ninja has just released its new Ninja Chef blender which has a similar 1500 motor to the Ultima. The Ninja Chef looks like Ninja is trying to model Vitamix by getting rid of the Ninja total crushing blade and replacing with a new 4 prong blade design, tamper, digital pitcher recognition and variable speed dial knob. The Ninja Chef is new to the market with a lot of changes so it too early to provide much feedback.  Click here to see Ninja chef details . Otherwise the next closest Ninja blender model to the Ultima is the Ninja BL642

Ninja Ultima Blender Review BL800-BL810-BL830The Ninja Ultima is the “professional” line of Ninja blenders using their “Dual Stage Blending” technology which is unique to only this product line.

Supposedly the dual stage blending is based on a unique patented gear system that is supposed to integrate high torque crushing with high speed blending to be able to liquefy anything you put in it.

Sure sounds fancy but does it work ? Well lets get into the Ninja Ultima blender reviews and what I found. The Ninja Ultima blender models are:

  • Ninja Ultima Blender (Models: BL800 / BL810 / BL830 / BL830CB)
  • Ninja Ultima Kitchen System (Model BL820)

Ninja Ultima Overview

The Ninja Ultima is marketed as an upgrade to the popular Ninja Mega blender.  The main difference in the Ninja Ultima Ninja vs Ninja Mega blender line is the Ninja Ultima has the dual state blending technology and 10-speed variable controls. Both product lines have the same 1500 watts of power. Design-wise the Ultima looks more commercial looking like a Vitamix and has a slightly wider base than the Mega blender.

The difference in the Ninja Ultima blender models BL800 vs BL810 vs BL820 vs BL830 is power and accessories.

  • BL800: Comes with 1500watt(2.5 HP) motor, Preset dial(low/medium/high). Sold at Walmart only.
  • BL810: Comes with 1500watt(2.5 HP) motor, 10 Speed Variable Dial, 2 Nutri Ninja Single Serve Cups & lids with blade.
  • BL820: Comes with 1500watt(3 HP) motor, 10 Speed Variable Dial, 2 Nutri Ninja Single Serve Cups & lids with blade, Slicing & Grating Discs, Feed Chute, 64oz Food processing Bowl, Dough Blade. Referred to as “Ninja Ultima Kitchen System”
  • BL830: Also called the “Ninja Ultima Blender Plus” comes with 1500watt(2.5 HP) motor, 10 Speed Variable Dial, 3 Nutri Ninja Single Serve Cups & lids with blade. (BL830CB comes with Ninja Ultima Creations Recipe book)

In summary, the BL800 has less speeds and no single serve cups, the BL810 adds variable speeds and 2 Single serve cups/motor, BL830 adds 1 more Single serve cup, and the BL820 is the Ultima Kitchen System by adding the food prep accessories and slightly higher max horsepower to handle high-torque tasks like mixing dough.

Personally, I don’t like how the BL800 comes with only 3 speeds and no Nutri Ninja personal cups but if the price is good then it is an option. I would rather have at least the BL810 model with Nutri Ninja cups and variable speeds(Side Note – The Nutri Ninja cups for the Ultima blenders are not interchangeable with other blender models Nutri Ninja cups).

Ninja created the dual stage blending to puree better than the traditional Ninja Total Crushing blade did in the large pitchers. (The single-serve Nutri Ninja cups/blades always did well in pureeing ingredients).

The Ninja Ultima blade separates into 2 sections with a top and bottom blade although you would use both blades for most blending applications. The bottom-only blade could be used for softer ingredients. The video below explains how the Dual stage blade works.

Another new feature of the Ultima blenders is it offers a 10-speed variable dial like Vitamix blenders which is really useful when blending different types of ingredients.

Ultima Blender Performance

The Dual Stage blending motor gearing allows two sets of blades to rotate at different speeds to initially crush large ingredients and then liquefy the small chunks to have the smoothest consistency in your drinks as possible. The big question is if really does help purify ingredients in drinks like green smoothies as well as something like a Vitamix.

The answer is YES, tests and consumer reviews confirm that the Ultima blends better than any other Ninja blender in the large pitchers especially difficult fibrous vegetables like kale and celery.

Here is a good video comparing the performance of  Ninja Ultima vs Vitamix 750 and shows the Ninja competed pretty well against the Vitamix.

NOTE – Ninja Ultima vs Vitamix. I agree with the conclusion in the video above. Vitamix quality is the best and while Ninja Ultima will perform well for you it might not last as long as a Vitamix if you are a heavy user. Although the Ninja Ultima is 60% less than the Vitamix 750 so it is hard to compare if you are on a budget. You can read my Vitamix review where I list the best Vitamix models for every budget.

Positives: The Ultima performed very well in every test I have seen and reviews are very positive. The new dual stage blending lives up to the hype and does purify more difficult ingredients better than other Ninja blenders.

Negatives: The Ninja Ultima does well with blending but for other tasks like making nut butters it took a little more effort to blend vs. something like a Vitamix. I don’t think you will notice any difference in the food professing capability of the Ninja Ultima vs Ninja Mega.

Overall Opinion: The Ultima is a great blender especially if you make large portion smoothies. The big question is if it right for you ?

Well, if you want to make large amounts of smoothies and would use the 72oz blending pitcher a lot then the Ninja Ultima works exceptionally well for the price. I would go with the BL810 to get the Nutri Ninja cups/blade and Variable speeds.

If you are more interested in both blending and food processing then you might want to save some money and just get the Ninja Mega Kitchen System Model BL773CO. The Mega BL773CO is less expensive than the Ninja Ultima Kitchen System but has similar motor strength and more food prep accessories. The main feature you will be missing out though if you go with Mega system is the dual stage blending feature which is NOT relevant for food prep(only blending) so the Ultima may blend some ingredients better than the Mega but not a huge difference for most people.

Click Here for Ninja Ultima Current Price

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5. Ninja Chef Blender Review

Ninja Chef Blender reviewNinja just introduced in Fall 2017 the Ninja Chef blender which looks to replace their recently discontinued Ninja Ultima blender (See Ultima review above).

The Ninja Chef blender looks to be Ninja’s attempt to compete in high-end blender market which is dominated by brands like Vitamix and Blendtec. It is being marketed as a blender for serious cooks and very active users who want the power of brands like Vitamix but for less price.

The Chef blender does have a similar look to Vitamix but the big question is how does it compare ?

Ninja Chef New Features

The Chef high-speed blender has a 1500 watt motor(18,000 RPM) with Ninja’s new “next generation” blades. The new Ninja blade look like a conventional 4 prong blender blade compared to their popular stacked multi-blade design (“Total Crushing Blade”) that is used on their other popular blenders.

The most unique new features of the Chef blender vs other Ninja blenders is the new variable speed knob and LED control panel. The new control allows you to either use the 10-speed variable control or you can switch over to the 10 pre-set functions using their Auto-IQ technology.

The other new programming feature is the Chef blender line has a programmable countdown timer which is neat if you want that extra control.

Ninja Chef Auto-IQ Preset programs are:

– Ice Cream
– Soup
– Nut Butter
– Flour/Milling
– Extract

– Dressings
– Purees
– Frozen Drinks
– Smoothies
– Dip/Salsa

Having a variable speed control dial is a huge benefit for the Chef blender and something that has been lacking for their other Ninja blender models. The variable control really makes a difference when you are using small batches or following a specific recipe where you don’t want to over or under blend.

The auto-IQ pre-programmed blending functions are good for following a specific recipe but keep in mind that the programs are just timed blending/pulse programs and don’t account for the amount of ingredients that you are blending.

Other new design features on the Ninja Chef product line are:

  • Smart Vessel Recognition where the blender recognizes whether you are using a pitcher or single-serve cup and adjusts the available Auto-iQ programs available for the specific jar.
  • Automatic Cleaning function – Just add water, a little dishwasher liquid, and press the “Clean” button to rinse.
Ninja Chef CT805 vs CT810 Comparison

  • CT805 comes with 1500 motor base, 72oz Pitcher and center lid, Tamper, 50 recipe book, and manual.
  • CT810 (also called the Ninja Chef DUO) has everything that the CT805 has but adds in a 24oz single serve cup for making personal smoothies.

CT805BRN and CT815A are both retailer exclusive models. The CT805BRN is like the CT805 and the CT815A is like the CT810(has the single serve cup)

Positives: The Ninja Chef really adds some amazing features that makes this blender very competitive in the high-speed blender market. I love that Ninja finally has a blender with variable speed controls and a tamper.

Negatives: It is brand new to the market so there are very little reviews and market feedback. Older Ninja accessories are not compatible with the Ninja Chef blender line. Another negative is that this blender only has a 1 year warranty which is much less than competing high-speed blender brands.

Overall Opinion: The Ninja Chef is certainly powerful enough for most users and they added some terrific new features and functions. I especially love the new controls, the tamper, and new blade design.

The only concerns I have with this blender are the very short 1 year limited warranty and how well the blender will last over time for serious users compared to something like a Vitamix. I hope to try this blender soon and will continually update this as there is more feedback and independent blender tests for the Ninja Chef blender.

Should you buy the Ninja Chef ?  While the Ninja Chef has a some awesome features and power for the price. It is being marketed as a premium blender for serious users so I would tell people that are looking for a heavy duty blender to pay a little more for a Vitamix if they really want a proven high-speed blender. Vitamix has a much longer warranty and is proven to handle heavy blending tasks and high volume usage. Related article: Favorite Vitamix Blenders

Click Here for Ninja Chef Current Price

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6. Ninja Intelli-Sense Blender Review

Ninja Intelli Sense Kitchen System reviewNinja added their new Intelli-sense kitchen system blender line in the Fall of 2017. This blender looks very much like their popular Nutri Ninja Blender Duo line (see Ninja Duo Review above).

New Features
The biggest new feature of the Ninja Intelli-sense blender line is the unique touchscreen and controls. The touchscreen is a popular innovation with other top blender brands like Vitamix and Blendtec.

It comes with 12 pre-set “Smart” programs like smoothie, extract, dressing, puree, dough, chop, dips, frozen drink. ice cream, and snow cone. It also has high, low, and pulse speeds.

The other new feature is the smart vessel technology that will adjust the blending programs available depending on what container you put on the blender base.

Not much has changed with the actual blades and containers for the Intelli-Sense blender line from their prior blenders.

Comparing Intelli-Sense Kitchen System Blender Models:

Like their other blender lines, there are a multiple models of Intelli-Sense blenders because of various accessories and retailer exclusive models. The actual blender is the same for all these blender models(only the accessories differ). See details below:

CT641 and CT640C

This is the base model Ninja Intelli-Sense blender and does not include the Kitchen System accessories. Therefore is only has 8 “smart” programs(rather 12).

This model comes with:

  • 1200 Watt Motor with touchscreen control
  • 72 oz Total Crushing pitcher and stacked blade
  • 24oz Single Serve cup with extractor blade

CT680 Kitchen System

These Intelli-sense models include the various Kitchen system accessories and a full set of 12 “Smart” programs.

The CT680 includes:

  • 1200 Watt Motor with touchscreen control
  • 72 oz Total Crushing pitcher and stacked blade
  • 24oz Single Serve cup with extractor blade
  • 64oz Processor Bowl(8 cup) with chopping blade and dough blade
  • 35 recipe guide and user manual

NOTE: Other Intelli-Sense Kitchen System model #’s (CT680A / CT680SS / CT680W) have the same features and accessories as the CT680 above but are made for specific retailers. For example, Costco sells the Intellisense model CT680SS which is not compatable with the spiralizer.

The Ninja CT682SP Intelli-Sense blender includes all the accessories listed for the Intelli-sense Kitchen System above but adds in their new automatic spiralizer attachment for spiralizing vegetables.

The spiralizer is an awesome attachment and competes with the popular Veggie Bullet from Nutribullet.

NOTE – If you want the Auto-Spiralizer™ Kit, it is only compatible with CT682SP and CT680W models only. Not compatible with CT680, CT641, CT640C, CT680SS, CT680A, or legacy Kitchen Systems. For those units, you would need to buy the stand-alone Ninja Precision Processor™ with Auto-Spiralizer™ (NN310).

Positives: The Ninja Intelli-Sense blender line is similar to their prior Kitchen System products but just adds new programs and control interface. The 1200 watt motor is good for most users needs and I love that they added an automatic spiralizer to one of the models. Performance will be similar to their popular Ninja Duo blender which has very strong reviews.

Negatives: It only has 3 manual speeds (Low/High/Pulse) so you are mostly dependent on their programmed blending controls. The programs are just timed programs so they don’t adjust for the amount of ingredients used. The Intelli-sense blenders have a 1 year warranty so I would suggest getting an extended warranty just in case.

Overall Opinion: The Ninja Intelli-Sense blender line is very new and there isn’t a lot of user feedback yet. It is essentially a new revision and design to their prior Duo Kitchen system blender line which consumers really liked. If were already looking buying one of prior Ninja Kitchen System models then this new Intelli-Sense line is a good option for you.

I would go with the CT682SP to get the automatic spiralizer which is an awesome accessory to have and eliminates the need for a separate spiralizer appliance.

Click Here for Intelli-Sense CT682SP Current Price

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7. Ninja FreshVac and Smart Screen Blenders (New 2018)

New September 2018: Ninja is known for continually introducing new models and the latest are the Ninja Smart Screen and Ninja FreshVac blender models. These models are brand new to the market and not widely available yet so we are still evaluating them.

Ninja’s new FreshVac technology uses a small pump device to suck oxygen out of the container before blending. By removing oxygen from the jar prior to blending you can reduce nutrient loss, lock in flavor, and increase the storage time of blended drinks.

Ninja has introduced multiple blender models for their FreshVac technology

  • Nutri Ninja personal blender with FreshVac Cup: Model# BL580
  • Ninja Smart Screen Kitchen System: Models# CT671AV & CT672V
  • Ninja Smart Screen DUO with FreshVac: Model# CT661V

These FreshVac models are similar to past popular Ninja blenders but they add in new Smart Screen controls and the battery operated FreshVac Pump.

The other new model is the Ninja Smart Screen Blender CT650 which is similar to last year’s Intelli-Sense blender line, but the Smart Screen models but the Ninja CT650 has a weaker 1000 watt motor. The Smart Screen blender allows you to choose between preset and manual controls and uses their ever-popular Total Crushing blade. Other than the slightly different control interface and motor strength there isn’t much difference in the Ninja Smart Screen CT650 versus Intellisense blender line.

Initial Thoughts: We like the concept of the FreshVac technology as it is true that oxygen does create some nutrient loss while blending and we like the ability for overnight storage of smoothies. Yet, we want to evaluate how well the FreshVac works and we aren’t too excited about needing to replace batteries on the pump and needing new containers that only work with with the Smart Pump blenders.

More updates to come regarding these new models….

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Ninja Blender Comparisons

BL642 vs BL682

The Ninja BL 642 and Ninja BL 682 have the same 1500 watt/2HP blender base but the BL682 is the “blender System” because it includes a chopping blade assembly, dough hook assemble, professional prep system, and 150 recipe book. (See detailed reviews of each model farther up in this post).

Vitamix vs Ninja Duo BL 462

The Vitamix is definitely more expensive than the Ninja Duo by at least a $200 depending on the Vitamix model. Honestly, if you are just making smoothies then the Ninja duo should be plenty of power for you but the Vitamix will puree smoother consistency for harder ingredients.

In comparison, Vitamix blenders are build more heavy duty and will generally outlast any other blender brand. The Vitamix price reflects not only its quality build but its 7 year full coverage warranty vs Ninja has a 1 year limited warranty. Vitamix warranty even covers normal wear and tear and Vitamix blenders are known to last forever. I wrote about Vitamix blenders in detail here.

For noise, the Ninja Duo and Vitamix are comparable. The Vitamix is more powerful and can puree at speeds that allow you to actually make hot soup whereas the Ninja can puree the ingredients but you would need to heat the ingredient separately. I still love Vitamix but the Ninja Duo has very high feedback.

A nice visible difference of the Ninja Duo vs Vitamix is that the Ninja Duo BL642 measures 17.5 inches in height so it fits under a kitchen cabinet. Whereas, the traditional Vitamix blender is a larger machine at 22 inches unless you buy the new Vitamix G series blenders with short, wide pitchers. Here is a good Vitamix vs Ninja review I found.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System vs Ninja Blender Duo

Both the Ninja Mega Kitchen System (aka Ninja 1500) BL770 series and the Ninja Blender Duo BL640 series models have a 1500 watt motor. The biggest difference is the Ninja Blender Duo has the Nutri Ninja preset technology and the Ninja Mega Kitchen system does not. Both come with the ability to use a large blending pitcher as well as a personal-size Nutri ninja cups.

Both Ninja blender lines have very strong customer reviews. If you really like smoothies and the presets then go with the BL642. If you like the added food prep functionality with ability to also do personal smoothies then go with theNinja Mega BL773co which is the best deal.

Ninja BL770 vs BL682

BL770 only comes with two Nutri ninja personal-size cups of the same size whereas the BL682 comes with three Nutri Ninja cups of diferent sizes. The bl682 comes with a recipe book with over 150 recipes for making pastries and breads, dips/sauces, frozen drinks, soups, infused teas and water, ice cream and juices/smoothies/milkshakes (yes you can do all of this with the ninja blender).

Also the bl682 comes with autoIQ technology meaning that you just press the button of what you want to make (any of what I listed above) and the blender does the work for you.

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How to Choose a Ninja Blender – Which model is perfect for you ?

OK, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by all the Ninja blender models if you just read though this entire guide. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or are trying to compare specific Ninja models.

Otherwise, my best advice is to choose one of the Ninja blenders that are listed in the summary table at the top of this post. Those models are my favorite choices and I keep that table updated.

(Just click “Return to Top” link below and then scroll up a little bit to view the summary table of favorite Ninja blenders)

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Common Ninja Blender Questions

What is the Ninja Blender Warranty

Ninja blenders come with a 1 year limited warranty and the manufacturer seems to respond quickly to any complaints on Amazon. The company will charge a $19.95 shipping fee to send it back to the company.

There seems to be a past history about their customer service but it seems they have improved on it. You can see Ninja Blender’s BBB rating is an A+ rating but if you read the complaints are usually many about non-blender products like Shark Vacuum.

To compete with other blender brands it looks like Ninja added additional longer timeframe warranties recently for some products. As and upgrade they offer  the options of a 2year  / 5 year / VIP Limited Lifetime Warranty.

I would point out that all those warranties are LIMITED warranties so they only cover defective merchandise not normal wear and tear. Also you have to pay extra for those longer warranties and are only available when you buy your Ninja blender directly through their website. If you buy through their website you will end up paying more for the blender than buying through and then have to pay even mroe for the extra warranty.

My recommendation on Ninja Blender extended warranty is to buy the blender for cheaper on Amazon and purchase a SquareTrade extended warranty on for much less(usually under $15 for 3years but price varies depending on how much coverage you get) than a Ninja warranty. The Square trade plan has no shipping fees or deductibles and the Ninja extended warranty plans have exemptions. Here is an Amazon review of someone who used the Squaretrade warranty for their NutriNinja that failed after their manufacturer warranty expired and Square trade took care of everything.

Is there a Ninja Juicer ?

No, Ninja does not have an actual juicer. Some consumers are confused because Ninja in its advertising calls their blending “whole juice” so it is really a whole food smoothie and not a juice.

Juicing is extracting the juice from the whole food and blending is pulverizing the food and includes the entire whole food into a smoothie. (Read my detailed Juicing vs Blending guide which explains the pro’s and con’s of each method)

Is Ninja Dishwasher Safe ?

Yes Ninja jars and lids are dishwasher save and BPA free. Personally I would just pour some warm water in the jar with a little dish soap and blend for 15-30 seconds to clean rather than use a dishwasher.

What are Ninja jars made of and do they last ?

The jars are made with high strength BPA free plastic. The reason that high speed blenders including Blendtec and Vitamix use plastic pitchers rather than glass is because high strength plastic can handle the impact and friction that occurs at high speeds in blenders and won’t shatter like glass can.

Are Ninja Blender Microwave Safe ?

No, Ninja parts are not microwave safe and you should not blend hot foods in Ninja jars.

How to Clean A Ninja Blender ?

Cleaning a Ninja blender is easy. Ninja jars and components are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The other method(which I prefer) is to fill the container about 3/4 full with warm water and add a drop of dishsoap. Then put the lid or blade assembly on(depending on which Ninja container you are using) and use the pulse button a couple times to move the soapy water around. Then rinse with clean water and let dry.

Best Ninja Blender for Baby Food ?

Baby food usually involves making small batches so you might have more difficulty using the large pitchers for making small batches. For making baby food, I would go with any of the Personal-size Nutri Ninja blenders or the Ninja Mega BL771 is a good choice because you get the a full-size blender with full food prep but also has the mini-prep bowl which would be great for making baby food.

What Can a Nutri Ninja Blender Make ?

The Nutri Ninja personal blenders can make soups, dips, food prep, salad dressings, smoothies and more. They are useful when you just need to make small portion or single-serve smoothies. Click on the tab below to get some of our favorite Nutri Ninja Smoothie recipes.

Nutri Ninja Blender recipes

Nutri Ninja Blender Smoothie recipes

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