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3 content marketing videos every brand should create

Your digital marketing should use the communication mode your prospects favor: videos. By producing compelling brand origin, segment-specific and explainer videos, you’ll stand aside from the competition

All over the place you look nowadays, individuals are watching screens. What they’re viewing most is social media videos and streamed TV. In digital marketing videos are not only a good to have; they’re a core medium by means of which to build consciousness of your brand and to prime future conversions.

The ROI of video marketing is obvious, as proven in current articles by Sensible Insights and Wordstream.

Listed here are a couple of compelling video marketing statistics:

  • Emails containing video have 96% larger click-through charges than non-video emails.
  • Video entrepreneurs take pleasure in a 54% improve in brand consciousness.
  • Social video generates 12 occasions extra shares than textual content and pictures mixed.
  • Video drives a 157% improve in natural visitors from search end result pages.

To build awareness of both your brand and your products, you’ll need to supply and publish three forms of videos: brand origin, segment-specific and explainer. Each is required at totally different points within the buyer journey to tell and guide your prospects alongside their conversion path.

Best of all, with the assistance of the freelance video scripters and producers, you gained’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for a Hollywood-caliber writer.

Create brand origin videos

As Simon Sinek put in in his in style ‘Start With Why’ TED speak, your potential consumers don’t simply buy what you’re promoting and the way you ship it, however why you’re in business in the first place. Maintain this in thoughts as you attempt to create awareness on your unknown brand (and 99% of manufacturers are unknown, on a worldwide degree).

Think about it. All other things like worth, high quality and taste being equal, would you quite buy your salad dressing from Brand A or Newman’s Personal, the corporate that donates 100% of its income to charity? Even in case you don’t give something to charity, most people would really like other individuals to know that they do. So that you’d purchase Newman’s dressing both because it both appears good on your kitchen desk and because it makes you are feeling good.

Steve Olenski provides us 4 ideas for creating a compelling brand story. They’re a terrific start line as you brainstorm ideas on your personal brand video.

So, in your brand origin (typically referred to as ‘our story’) video, converse transparently about who you’re and what you stand for. Do this as clearly and compellingly as you possibly can, then cease. Your brand video shouldn’t be the place to promote your wares; you can do that in later communications and net pages. Your objective here is to build trust and a deeper private connection.

Warby Parker eyewear quiz

E-commerce example: Warby Parker glasses

Warby Parker, the maverick on-line vendor of prescription eyeglasses, tells its brand story immediately from the mouths of their co-founder, David Gilboa and different leaders in video format.

Gilboa begins by sharing how irritating it was for him to pay $700 for a pair of alternative glasses after he misplaced his glasses at an airport. So he began an organization to deal with the issue. The kicker: for every pair of glasses Warby sells, they distribute a free pair to somebody in need. Now that’s a compelling story that anyone can relate to.

As well as, the Warby video highlights the ‘virtual try-on’ function on the web site, which addresses a priority many potential glasses consumers have: not figuring out how the glasses will look on their face. Whereas brand origin videos should usually not talk about options, it was applicable for Warby to do on this case as a result of they found the ‘I can’t attempt them on’ objection to be a non-starter for a big proportion of their prospects.

Additionally take into account that this video:

  • Did not require fancy graphics or production. By displaying interviews with founding leaders in their office area, the video comes across as private and genuine.
  • At beneath three minutes lengthy, the video is short. You don’t want ten minutes or more to tell your story (for those who assume you do, get some feedback from individuals outdoors your company. Likelihood is, your draft script is just too long-winded).

Starting with artistic brainstorming together with your marketing group, you can do the same on your brand.

Matt Blumberg quote

Create segment-specific videos

When you’ve made your target clients aware of your brand, it’s time to go deeper, to build an increasingly private connection together with your prospects. To do that you’ll have to:

  • Phase your prospect lists by any dimensions you have got out there.
  • Personalize your communications to every prospect’s intent and preferences.

On the segmentation aspect, HubSpot shares 30 ways you’ll be able to phase your e mail record, which incorporates primary demographic criteria like geography, gender, age, and schooling degree, and other elements just like the stage they’re at in shopping for cycle and buyer persona.

But to completely personalize the messaging in your emails and the videos you’ll embed in them, you’ll want to make use of behavioral knowledge. This means tracking what your prospects truly click on on your websites, emails or different marketing channels.

Here’s the method to make your communications increasingly private:

  • Base your preliminary e-mail on the lead supply (chat, net type, outbound gross sales) and high-level prospect phase.
  • Base the subsequent e-mail on what your prospect clicked within the first e-mail (e.g. phase/persona, matter of curiosity).
  • Base the subsequent e mail on what your prospect clicked within the second e-mail
  • Rinse and repeat.

The easiest way to do this is with an e-mail automation platform. By integrating an e-mail automation app together with your buyer relationship management (CRM) system, you’ll not only ship your prospects probably the most relevant content. You’ll additionally collect individual-level knowledge that you need to use to study more about your prospects’ mindsets and motivations.

Most importantly, you should embed increasingly-personalized videos in your emails so your prospects can select the subjects of curiosity. You may as well embrace links to the article versions, for these viewers who still wish to learn.

When creating these segment-specific videos be sure you:

  • Hold them brief (less than 90 seconds is right).
  • Optimize your video load and streaming speeds.
  • Focus your videos on the appropriate prospect phase and shopping for stage.

The bottom line is every e-mail and video you send should be increasingly personalised and related. If, in each e-mail and video you ship, you will get your prospect to say, ‘Yeah, that’s me, and that’s what I would like’, you’ve succeeded.

Bear in mind your aim right here – it’s to not sell (at the least not yet). After you’ve constructed belief and rapport together with your brand story videos, it is advisable construct engagement. So, until you’re promoting a ‘fast consideration’ services or products (decrease priced, much less danger), your prospect might want to feel very snug together with your brand before parting together with her hard-earned cash.

Value proposition canvas

Create explainer videos

Now, assuming you’ve made your prospect aware of your brand (the ‘why’), and elevated their engagement with it (the ‘what’), it’s time to make a compelling case on your services or products (the ‘how’). Some would name this promoting, however I want the time period ‘building value’ as a result of in the event you do this properly, your product or service should promote itself.

Explainer videos are the realm of worth proposition and advantages. Your worth proposition is your offering’s prime value add and the way it does this better than another brand.

Right here’s an example from Tortuga Backpacks, a vendor of expandable packs:

‘Convey every part you want without checking a bag’.

This value proposition is short, to the purpose, and addresses an emotional want (to keep away from the additional time and price of processing checked baggage).

Marketing blogger Mary Fernandez supplies some nice ‘how to write a value proposition’ steerage, including a visual canvas template.

Unpacking a bit, the subsequent degree of making an explainer video is figuring out the distinctive benefits your product or service provides. Not options or specifications, but how your providing delivers extra value, on both useful and emotional levels.

Unsure methods to provide you with advantages? Use the FAB model, which breaks down as:

  • Function – ‘It has…’
  • Advantage – ‘Which means…’
  • Benefit – ‘So that…’

For example, let’s say sells an revolutionary sneaker with laces that routinely synch up after you placed on the shoe. The FAB in this case:

  • It has… automatically-synching laces that tighten the right amount.
  • Which suggests… you don’t need to manually tie your footwear every time you set them on.
  • In order that… You save a minute every time you set them on. That and your mates are impressed once they see it!

An awesome script is important

In the event you’ve watched many sitcoms on TV, you recognize the importance of a very good scriptwriting group. Great script, humorous present. Common script and the present’s off the air within six months.

So, until you want your prospects to shortly close your videos, rent a writer with proven copywriting expertise, somebody whose copy has confirmed to get eyeballs to turn into clicks. Copywriting is certainly not the place to low cost out, as a result of the success of all three video varieties I’ve described right here hinges on the standard of your scripts.

Businesses like Writer Access and Video Brewery supply entry to experienced freelance video scriptwriters and producers. So that you may give them a attempt in the event you’d moderately not commit to longer-term engagement with a video marketing agency.

Video distribution strategy

Roll your videos out extensively

OK, let’s assume you’ve produced a couple of videos and rolled them out to your e-mail campaigns and net properties. That’s an ideal first step. However don’t cease there. If these videos achieved respectable click-through charges in your key engagement metrics (in the event that they didn’t, it’s time to repeat the video creation process), deploy them extensively on all your social media channels.

Just be certain that the lead-on headlines to those videos reference things like prospect phase, buying stage or interests so your prospects will find them related. Even the best-scripted videos, if seen on the mistaken time, or by the fallacious prospects, will fall flat.

Get your video marketing practice in movement

Our attention spans seem to get shorter every yr as we’re bombarded with more marketing messages. All of the more purpose on your core marketing artistic to be in our most popular communication mode: online video.

By scripting, producing and posting brand origin and segment-specific videos, you’ll persuade extra of your greatest prospects to interact with and, finally, belief your brand and the individuals behind it. Then, after constructing extra personal connections, your explainer videos may also help push your prospects ‘over the tipping point’ to a conversion.

Better of all, because you’ll be differentiating your brand extra and competing much less, you’ll certainly see your general marketing prices go down and your video marketing ROI go up.